Tom Gaumer
Senses! I don't have no stinking senses!!
Sat Aug 31, 2019 13:22


I think the lying Fitch was using is usually used in cases where a jury is present in hopes of poisoning the thinking of a least one to get a not guilty. Can also be used to undermine a witness with Fitch type lies.

I'm surprised Fitch would use it on a judge who might be expected to know about lawyers like Fitch. Perhaps Fitch was just practicing lying to keep his skills toned?

I'm surprised the prosecution did not object but maybe they recognized how foolish it was to think this technique would work on a judge.

I seem to remember Spicer was a defense attorney in the Mountain Meadows Massacre trial. I seem to remember Fitch was on the other side, representing Brigham Young in other matters but not Mountain Meadows. Spicer probably knew what kind of a man he was dealing with in Fitch?

I'm serious that Fitch was lying to the court. Courts are one place where a good liar can make some dough. I'll bet Jeff Morey knows Fitch was lying also.

Fitch examining Behan:
Q If anything how much have you contributed or have promised to contribute to the associated attorneys who are now prosecuting this case?
A I have not contributed a cent nor have I promised to.
Better Answer as an addition. Fitch this is another claim you will never back up with facts as you are lying to the court again.

After all these years still nothing and Fitch remains a liar trying to undermine a witness with suggestions that facts exist that do not. The best the Earp side can come up with is that Behan cosigned a loan to Ike Clanton for $500 which clanton paid off quickly and cost Behan nothing.

Fitch is someone to admire as an outstanding liar, I guess?
Keep Laughing

Keep Laughing

  • Are you serious?Jeff Morey, Sat Aug 31 02:40
    Tom, Are you being serious? Do you actually believe that Thomas Fitch was wickedly trying to hoodwink Wells Spicer by posing the questions you cited? I swear, sometimes I think you have lost your... more
    • Senses! I don't have no stinking senses!! — Tom Gaumer, Sat Aug 31 13:22
      • You outrage is outrageous!Jeff Morey, Tue Sep 3 08:51
        Tom, Your sense of moral indignation is histrionic. hyperbolic, excessive, extreme, over-the-top, exaggerated and woefully unconvincing. Fitch isn’t “lying”. He’s asking Ike Clanton questions. Does... more
        • our outrage at my outrage you perceive is funnyTom Gaumer, Wed Sep 4 04:50
          Jeff I'm not outraged just observant of ethics by sleazy and/or tricky lawyers. Obviously a lawyer’s questions and the answers are meant to influence the jury and/or the judge and now days the... more
          • You are just repeating yourself. (nm)Jeff Morey, Wed Sep 4 07:36
            • Jeff no testimony by the telegrapher or the gun clerk and ignoring anything else that might reflect on the questions. And we are both happy. Sounds good to me. Keep Laughing Tom
              • Incomplete casesBen Harleman, Wed Sep 4 21:30
                Hi Tom, I've always regarded the cases as incomplete, due to the fact that both sides were probably keeping their powder dry in case they went to a full trial. I'm not applying this to any specific... more
                • I think you are right and it makes dealingTom Gaumer, Wed Sep 4 21:57
                  HI Ben with some of these issues difficult to impossible as we just can't know everything about their positions and tactics about a possible trial. Keep Laughing Tom
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