Garth Gould
Ben Wheeler
Mon Sep 2, 2019 11:56

It appears the Ben Wheeler mentioned in the Augusta News is the same Caldwell lawman who was lynched with Henry Brown after the Medicine Lodge bank robbery.

  • Dodge City Peace CommissionPeter Brand, Thu Aug 22 21:31
    The Dodge City Peace Commission. Most readers are aware of the 8 men who were photographed in the famous Dodge City Peace Commission, related to Luke Short’s trouble in 1883. Wyatt would later say... more
    • I looked into Shotgun Collins,Randy King, Sat Aug 24 06:57
      there seem to be many people with the nickname "Shotgun" and the image on line is not that of 'The" ShotGun Collins. I have forgotten that name name, it is not difficult to find it on line. It is my... more
      • Randy KingPeter Brand, Sat Aug 24 19:18
        Hi Randy Photos of Wyatt's gunman like, Shotgun Collins, Crooked Mouth Green and Dan Tipton are also included in the book: "Wyatt Earp's Vendetta Posse Rider: The Story of Texas Jack Vermillion" Go... more
      • Randy, Peter Brand has the only known photo of George “Shotgun” Collins on page 156 of his new “Johnny Tyler” book. Unfortunately, there is a lot of nonsense on the internet about a “John Collins”... more
    • George Milsap and Crooked Mouth GreenPeter Brand, Thu Aug 22 21:53
      P.S. Milsap and Green later worked together as partners in several bunco scams in different states and territories. PB
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