Irvin Blankenship
Re: Good reference material
Tue Sep 3, 2019 08:43

Mr. Paul,

One participant in the harsh words against Mr. Boessenecker is Greg Ellison. Ellison is a well known photo scammer having come to the attention of Ciivil War militaria/photo collectors in November 2006 for trying to sell a post Civil War image of an enlisted Navy sailor as the captain of the Confederate submarine, H. L. Hunley, on eBay. The captain of this boat was actually an officer in the Confederate army. Reporter Brian HIcks of the Charleston (SC) Post and Courier exposed the scam.

Over the years since Ellison has attempted to scam people with his self “authenticated” collection of antique images from Abraham Lincoln to Jesse James. Unfortunately, the unknowing and unsuspecting occasionally fall for his malarkey. Mr. Boessenecker isn’t one of them. Thus, predictably, Ellison berates Mr. Boessenecker for having the good sense to reject Ellison’s “proof” and ridiculous arguments regarding his images. All non-believers can expect the same treatment.

For some insight on Ellison:

Ellison craves attention, no matter good or bad, and consistently attempts to engage people in mindless and tedious conversations in order to keep himself and his misidentified photo collection at the forefront.

Thank you,
Irvin Blankenship

  • Good reference material.Bob Paul, Sun Aug 25 15:23
    I find this post very interesting in 1) the rather harsh (my words) personal attack on the integrity of John Boessenecker and 2) the need to "agree with Kenny". This will be closely covered during... more
    • Re: Good reference material — Irvin Blankenship, Tue Sep 3 08:43
      • ThanksBob Paul, Tue Sep 3 09:39
        I appreciate your attentive response to my earlier post, your attention to Greg Ellison is noted however my concentration is on the rather harsh (my words) attack on John Boessenecker coupled with... more
        • Bob Paul....Greg Ellison, Wed Sep 4 20:28
          ...there is no Irv Blankenship just as there is no A. Nelson who authored the fake RippOff Report. The author is Frank Huguelet aka Ric Savage, an overgrown bully who thinks he is an historian and... more
          • OK, then.Bob Paul, Thu Sep 5 08:46
            Your response is duly noted, thanks for your attention. My several posts as "reference material" stands, as does the suggestion of lies/libel---connected with the need to agree with KtK in that... more
            • Thanks.Bob Paul, Thu Sep 5 12:07
              I appreciate your generous offer and will bring this up with family members. I suggest any interest would remain within the context which I have previously stated. I believe a few have also had some... more
              • YesGreg Ellison, Thu Sep 5 13:10
                Boessenecker even proclaimed that I didn't know who he was, that he was the editor of True West Magazine. Lol, that doesn't stop him from being a liar and comminting libel.
            • My Email....Greg Ellison, Thu Sep 5 11:17
     if you would like to see the screenshots of Boessenecker's comments. I would gladly send them to anyone that wants them.
              • I'm SurprisedGreg Ellison, Thu Sep 5 19:50
                I am very surprised at how many and who have requested the information on Boessenecker and his falsehoods. Apparently he has gotten on the wrong side of several people who are now gathering... more
    • Harsh Words are True WordsGreg Ellison, Sun Aug 25 18:27
      I only speak the truth. I fail to understand how a man as well know as Boessenecker and a lawyer to boot would put himself in such a precarious position...but he has.
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