gary adams
A Knife for Ed ?
Sun Sep 8, 2019 09:40

Hi everyone, in Gary Rooberts book about Doc. He has found nothing to confirm the Ed bailey story . Only to say Wyatt mentioned it more then once and easily got names and dates wrong. so could of happened somewhere else. I did ask victoria Wilcox about this and she thinks it was a made up story from a newspaper man. But i never got a answer about the claim Gary Roberts made about wyatt mentioning it more then once . So my question really is - If the san Francisco newspaper article was indeed fabricated about Doc and bailey . where was it mentioned by Wyatt again ? Or was this just the same story rehashed ? Any ideas ?

    • Knife or no Ed?K.t.K., Thu Sep 12 09:59
      Gary Adams, The story may not be true, or it could be true, and that a non-fatal altercation transpired. But I had to wince when seeing this quote by Victoria Wilcox: "As far as researchers can... more
      • WincingVictoria Wilcox, Fri Sep 13 22:40
        Clearly, you've read my blog post, "Doc Holliday and the Ghost of Ed Bailey," which also noted the quote from Wyatt in Frontier Marshal that the San Francisco newspaper reporter had imagined many... more
        • The way I see it . . .Gary Roberts, Mon Sep 16 12:23
          Vickie simply said that so far researchers have been unable to find any primary reference to an Ed Bailey in connection with Fort Griffin or Doc Holliday. That's true. Most researchers don't believe... more
    • Re: A Knife for Ed ?Bob Cash, Tue Sep 10 09:07
      Gary, Stuart Lake repeats the 1896 story in Frontier Marshal, but not as a direct quote from Wyatt. Maybe there is something in the Lake notes that shows Wyatt repeating the story, or maybe Lake was... more
      • Doc and Ed BaileyGary Roberts, Fri Sep 13 14:17
        Wyatt refers to episode involving Ed Bailey in the 1896 EXAMINER article (and Lake expanded it in FRONTIER MARSHAL). The incident is also mentioned cryptically in the Lake Notes at the Huntington.... more
        • Thanks GaryGary, Tue Sep 17 07:31
          Thanks for the reply Gary. Are their anymore t tidbits you have discovered about DOc and will you be doing a updated version o your book?
          • TidbitsGary Roberts, Tue Sep 17 12:07
            Gary, The day I received the first copies of the DOC bio, I also received a document from Bob Cash that I knew nothing about. Doc had signed a petition along with a number of other people regarding... more
        • Thank you, Gary. (nm)Bob Cash, Fri Sep 13 21:47
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