Greg Ellison
Mon Sep 9, 2019 10:10

What you actually said was that there were many eye wittesses and they ALL said that the cowboys were raising their hands to surrender when the shooting began. Is it true that they all said that? It wasn't edited and it showed you talking.

  • Re: Wyatt Earp - The Vendetta RideCasey Tefertiller, Mon Sep 9 05:48
    If that is what was said, it was edited to make it appear different from what I really said. It has been many years since that was filmed. When I saw it, it was placed in proper context. However,... more
    • Casey... — Greg Ellison, Mon Sep 9 10:10
      • Re: Casey...Casey Tefertiller, Mon Sep 9 11:01
        I do not have a tape of the show, so I am not able to review what was said. Also, it is not possible for you to know what was edited out. This could be a re-cut version of the older show. That... more
        • AHC The Tombstone Vendettagka500, Mon Sep 9 22:31
          Casey, I was somewhat surprised by Greg's view of what you said in that program. Here is the quotes I believe Greg is referring to: "After the gunfight papers around the nation heralded the Earps as... more
          • Re: AHC The Tombstone VendettaWayne Sanderson, Wed Sep 11 01:04
            Documentary film makers have often in the past collected interviews for projects, allowing the persons being interviewed to expound at length on the subject, only to shorten, edit, cherrypick and... more
            • Re: AHC The Tombstone VendettaDaniel Buck, Wed Sep 11 06:29
              Wayne, here is a classic example. A few years ago I was interviewed for a Wild Bunch episode of Bill O'Reilly's Legends & Lies series. (The Legends & Lies part was in a sense truth in advertising,... more
              • Vendetta MelGreg Ellison, Mon Sep 16 15:47
                Dan, I hope you noticed that I never accused Casey of anything. I simply asked him if it were true. The real problem with documentary, magazine and newspaper stories is that the person being... more
              • Re: AHC The Tombstone VendettaWayne Sanderson, Wed Sep 11 11:16
                Yup! As a wise man of my acquaintance once opined, when he gets to Hell he expects to find that the Devil is actually a full time producer who runs the underworld as a side gig.
          • Thank youCasey Tefertiller, Tue Sep 10 08:03
            Thank you, gka. Very well stated. That about sums it up.
        • I understand ...Greg Ellison, Mon Sep 9 20:46
          ...the problems working with documentary's, magazines or newspapers as I have been bitten by them before as well. Thank you for your response. It would be interesting to know if ALL the eye witness... more
          • This is the one.Greg Ellison, Mon Sep 9 20:57
            IMDb: Gunslingers: The Tombstone Vendetta
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