Tom Gaumer
I don't think we can lnow that answer for sure
Tue Sep 10, 2019 01:25


but we can speculate. LOL

I would speculate there was a more hostile relationship between the Earp's and the cowboys than between Behan and the cowboys. This would allow Behan to approach them and try to talk them out of their guns with less to fear gunfire wise than the Earps.

In the end the Earp's attacked the cowboys who were peacefully talking to Behan by coming two blocks for the confrontation.

Also Ike and Tom were bleeding from their heads from Virgil
and Wyatt buffaloing them Also Ike was unarmed according
to Wyatt and Virgil had put Ike's guns in the Grand Saloon and hour or two before according to Ike. Also Tom's pistol had been checked at the Capital saloon earlier and he might have been unarmed.

I doesn't seem to me the cowboys were in any shape to face four ready, willing and able police gunman.

It is unclear to me that the cowboys could form an intention to attack the Earp's and carry it out with such

That is my speculation.

I think Gary Roberts article "Fiasco on Fremont Street" is the most likely explanation of what happened.

I also think Salma Hayek should overlook her French husbands 14 billion dollar fortune and run away with me. This would imply my thinker is rusting and busting but still lusting!!
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  • TOM ? Pat Mulligan, Thu Sep 5 04:59
    Tom Why did Behan believe they would not hurt him? The statement makes me think he had prior knowledge of the Cowboy's intent to attack the Earp's and Holliday .
    • I don't think we can lnow that answer for sure — Tom Gaumer, Tue Sep 10 01:25
      • TomPat Mulligan, Tue Sep 10 04:48
        All we have ever is a speculation. The collection of evidence and the attention to the crime scene was ignored. That being said what we do know is that Behan could/should have disarmed Frank at first ... more
        • Pat Maybe he would have had he known Virgil was in such a hurry. Virgil's excuse to go over to Fly's for a confrontation was that Fonck had told Virgil the armed cowboys were on the street a second... more
          • Tom REPat Mulligan, Sat Sep 14 04:58
            tom If your pretext that Virgil had already had made up his mind for a confrontation why did he let Behan go in the first place? The Marshall and posse would have gone down to Fremont and back Lot... more
          • Tom RE Pat Mulligan, Tue Sep 10 14:34
            Tom Their were more people than just Fonck. If word was passed to Virgil that Behan had taken an armed Frank back to the Street in front of the lot it would justify Virgil 's actions. Since all... more
            • See Steve Gatto's post on this matterThomas Gaumer, Thu Sep 12 17:35
              Pat We have been talking about Virgil cutting off Behan's efforts, thus virtually guaranteeing a gunfight as Behan had warned Virgil about Earlier. Steve makes it clear Virgil reacted to what Fonck... more
              • TomPat Mulligan, Mon Sep 16 14:16
                If Virgil wanted a fight he could have just gone down with the rest of the Boy's.. He did not. Instead he waited (while Behan finished his shave) then waited for Behan to try. I think this more... more
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