Tom Gaumer
You are right in that Behan should have disarmed Frank.
Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:17


Maybe he would have had he known Virgil was in such a hurry.

Virgil's excuse to go over to Fly's for a confrontation was that Fonck had told Virgil the armed cowboys were on the street a second after Virgil said he would disarm them if they came out on the street. Virgil may have thought, shallowly, he had talked himself into the need to go right then. The town deserved better thinking than that--I speculate:-)

Fonck and Murray were leaders of the vigilantes and offered up to 35 men to help and assist. Virgil could choose from the 35. Their words as reported by Virgil only spoke of help and assist with no pressure to act quickly.

The vigilantes in Tombstone were near ideal vigilantes. Their presence was known and shown occasionally as a warning to evil doer's threatening the peace of the town but they took no physical action while making it clear they would if necessary.

In any case Virgil made his decision with no knowledge of what Behan was doing and completely ignored Behan at the scene of the fight.

So, I speculate Virgil actions were almost completely
independent of Behan's But had Behan disarmed both Bill
and Frank that would have either prevented the shooting or hung the Earp's;-)
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  • TomPat Mulligan, Tue Sep 10 04:48
    All we have ever is a speculation. The collection of evidence and the attention to the crime scene was ignored. That being said what we do know is that Behan could/should have disarmed Frank at first ... more
    • You are right in that Behan should have disarmed Frank. — Tom Gaumer, Tue Sep 10 12:17
      • Tom REPat Mulligan, Sat Sep 14 04:58
        tom If your pretext that Virgil had already had made up his mind for a confrontation why did he let Behan go in the first place? The Marshall and posse would have gone down to Fremont and back Lot... more
      • Tom RE Pat Mulligan, Tue Sep 10 14:34
        Tom Their were more people than just Fonck. If word was passed to Virgil that Behan had taken an armed Frank back to the Street in front of the lot it would justify Virgil 's actions. Since all... more
        • See Steve Gatto's post on this matterThomas Gaumer, Thu Sep 12 17:35
          Pat We have been talking about Virgil cutting off Behan's efforts, thus virtually guaranteeing a gunfight as Behan had warned Virgil about Earlier. Steve makes it clear Virgil reacted to what Fonck... more
          • TomPat Mulligan, Mon Sep 16 14:16
            If Virgil wanted a fight he could have just gone down with the rest of the Boy's.. He did not. Instead he waited (while Behan finished his shave) then waited for Behan to try. I think this more... more
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