Wayne Sanderson
Re: Another terrible Wyatt Earp movie.
Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:01

Back in the double-feature days, there was an A movie, which was the big production with big stars and high budgets, and a B movie, usually lower quality, second tier or lower stars, along with a newsreel and a few cartoons.

This movie looks like it falls somewhere between the B movie and the cartoon...

  • Another terrible Wyatt Earp movie.Bob Cash, Tue Sep 10 08:33
    This may be even worse than the previous worst Wyatt Earp movie. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x79jbh6
    • Re: Another terrible Wyatt Earp movie.Dan Brown, Wed Oct 2 22:46
      Looks to have been made with someone's cellphone. The miracle of hand size technology. We live an age where anyone can write a book, record an album, or make a movie. It probably cost less than a... more
    • On DVDJerry Prather, Wed Oct 2 10:47
      This thing looks so bad that I figured it would probably never be shown or released on DVD. WRONG. This morning while in Walmart, I wandered into the DVD section and there it was. Price to buy it... more
    • Re: Another terrible Wyatt Earp movie. — Wayne Sanderson, Wed Sep 11 11:01
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