Wayne Sanderson
Re: AHC The Tombstone Vendetta
Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:16


As a wise man of my acquaintance once opined, when he gets to Hell he expects to find that the Devil is actually a full time producer who runs the underworld as a side gig.

  • Re: AHC The Tombstone VendettaDaniel Buck, Wed Sep 11 06:29
    Wayne, here is a classic example. A few years ago I was interviewed for a Wild Bunch episode of Bill O'Reilly's Legends & Lies series. (The Legends & Lies part was in a sense truth in advertising,... more
    • Vendetta MelGreg Ellison, Mon Sep 16 15:47
      Dan, I hope you noticed that I never accused Casey of anything. I simply asked him if it were true. The real problem with documentary, magazine and newspaper stories is that the person being... more
    • Re: AHC The Tombstone Vendetta — Wayne Sanderson, Wed Sep 11 11:16
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