Greg Ellison
Vendetta Mel
Mon Sep 16, 2019 15:47

Dan, I hope you noticed that I never accused Casey of anything. I simply asked him if it were true. The real problem with documentary, magazine and newspaper stories is that the person being interviewed is not in control of the final product. That gives people like Frank Huguelet (aka Mel Graf, Irvin Blankenship, Bill Dodd, A. Nelson and many other monikers) the chance to use it against you for the rest of your life even though they know it was incorrectly produced. They do this simply to promote their agendas by getting unknowing participants to agree with them by presenting the "facts" in an incorrect account of what was said in those sources. It is a shame that true history can be distorted and ignored because of people like him. I'm sure that Boessenecker was influenced by comments he had seen resulting from one of Huguelets post. He has been at it for years due to me embarrassing him over a Civil War knife I was selling that he claimed was fake. His own knife expert and friend Lee Hadaway, author of Confederate Bowie Knives, proclaimed it was real. Huguelet has never gotten over it as you can see.

  • Re: AHC The Tombstone VendettaDaniel Buck, Wed Sep 11 06:29
    Wayne, here is a classic example. A few years ago I was interviewed for a Wild Bunch episode of Bill O'Reilly's Legends & Lies series. (The Legends & Lies part was in a sense truth in advertising,... more
    • Vendetta Mel — Greg Ellison, Mon Sep 16 15:47
    • Re: AHC The Tombstone VendettaWayne Sanderson, Wed Sep 11 11:16
      Yup! As a wise man of my acquaintance once opined, when he gets to Hell he expects to find that the Devil is actually a full time producer who runs the underworld as a side gig.
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