Peter Brand
Michael Hickey
Mon Sep 16, 2019 17:06

Michael Hickey owned the publishing company and I believe he had his books printed off shore and then shipped to the USA. I think all were limited editions that were never reprinted. Michael is no longer with us.


  • Wyatt Earp Angel of DeathLucas Speer, Mon Sep 16 13:39
    Has anyone read Ben Traywick's Wyatt Earp Angel of Death book? If so, what was your opinion? Also why are all books published by Talei so hard to find? It is nearly impossible to find Tim Fattig's... more
    • Michael Hickey — Peter Brand, Mon Sep 16 17:06
      • Re: Michael HickeyDan Brown, Wed Oct 2 22:52
        I talked to Hickey a few times, while ordering his books. He was a hotel detective, or something like that, in Hawaii. His books were ok. He published Boyer's Vendetta novel. Boyer sold Hickey and... more
      • Re: Michael HickeyLucas Speer, Tue Sep 24 09:48
        Thank you Sir for the info. I am sorry to hear about Mr. Hickey's passing. He sure published some interesting books! I have enjoyed every one published through his company that I have read.
        • Hickey's booksbfrey, Wed Oct 2 14:13
          I have most of them, he shipped them from Hawaii, he sure had a passion, god speed.
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