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Mike Curtis
The other 50's Superman- more info pops up
Fri Sep 19, 2008 13:36

If you've read HOLLYWOOD KRYPTONITE or seen GODFATHER PART II, you know who I'm talking about. The entertainer known as the Cuban Superman.

In HAVANA NOCTURNE author TJ English tells the story of how the mob built up Cuba as a gambler's paradise and then lost it all to Castro.

There's also about four pages devoted to the Cuban Superman with new information from soneone who saw his performances. I'm a Superman facthound, and aside from the mention in KRYPTONITE, the only paper I have on him is a supposed interview from a 50's "sweat" magazine.

In HAVANA, there are more details. Still no name or record of his eventual fate after Cuba went communist. But apparently he also performed in clubs other than the SHANGHAI (where most saw him) under the name of EL TORO and apparently an 8 mm film was made of him.

But at the SHANGHAI, this fellow went under the stage name of SUPERMAN, wearing a red cape. New information comes out that apparently he also "flew" above the audience on a trapeze for part of his act.

Of course, TAOS was extremely popular in Cuba. In college, my Spanish teacher Mrs. Penaranda was a refugee from the island, and told me about watching SUPERHOMBRE on television there.


    • Looo-ceee...Ted Newsom, Fri Sep 19 23:35
      --oh, sorry, that's that OTHER Cuban. There was an interview I read a couple years ago with Superman--seems like it may've been a story written in the 90s. Old guy, full of stories, known in his... more
    • J. Edgar HooverAnother Mulder, Fri Sep 19 13:55
      Is it true that J. Edgar Hoover was secretly the Cuban Superman?
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