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Armand Vaquer
No comment until the time limit is up! (nm)
Tue Apr 28, 2009 21:19

  • to reach Carl, since he hasn't made his own email address available in - oh, the last 20 minutes or so.
    • No comment until the time limit is up! (nm) — Armand Vaquer, Tue Apr 28 21:19
      • Pass, CG. (nm)Ray, Tue Apr 28 20:15
        • Re: Pass, CG.Carl, Tue Apr 28 20:24
          Nothing tempting there for me, Ray. How you been bro? Carl
          • Re: Pass, CG.Ray, Wed Apr 29 11:45
            Layin' low, CG. Hope you guys are well. Just thought I'd pop in to ask you not to get sucked into this bogus "public apology" mess. It's kind of like watching a horror film where people are hollering ... more
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