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bay area hosts
Tue Sep 22, 2009 14:40

Hi, Bruce. I'm probably as old as you are (probably I'm even older), but anyway, I was born in Alameda and when I was 7 years old, my family moved to Fremont, a couple of years before it incorporated as a city. The local hosts I can remember are KPIX Captain Fortune, KGO King Norman, KRON Mayor Art, KRON had our local Bozo, KRON Skipper Sedly who later became Sir Sedley at KTVU. Before him was a Bob someone who had a dummy named 'Happy' at KTVU. An 'Uncle Harry' was on for 15 minutes in the evening (for about 6 months)at KPIX showing the "new" KFS-TV Popeye cartoons. Marshall J started at KPIX and went over to KGO (or vice-versa - I forget). KTVU Captain Satellite. KTVU Pat McCormack with Charley and Humphrey. I keep on thinking I am missing some, though. You probably will remember more, Bruce, but no one else as a host is coming in the ol' brain. What ever existed in cartoons (and Rascals & Stooges)at the time, they all took care of. That all seemed to change all overh USA when the locals couldn't hawk toys, cereals, bread, shoes or what have you, anymore. -Craig

  • Fremont HostsDettman, Mon Sep 21 20:42
    Craig, I hail from Castro Valley, your general area, but I imagine you recall a later group of hosts than I was exposed to in the 50s. Who are the ones you grew up with? bruce
    • bay area hosts — craigoman8, Tue Sep 22 14:40
      • San Francisco HostsDettman, Tue Sep 22 15:02
        Craig, This might bore everyone else. E-mail me and I'll tell you a few stories about these guys. Bruce
    • Connecticut hostsBill in CT, Tue Sep 22 01:23
      He did the Connecticut part accurately. I had Happy the Clown (Joey Russell) sign the CT page. :)
      • Re: Connecticut hostsGail, Tue Sep 22 17:45
        I was also satisfied with the NYC section On sandy becker and chuck mccann. I hope I can meet mccann someday to autograph The NYC page. Gail
      • I am glad there is some accuracy in the bookcraigoma8, Tue Sep 22 15:00
        That's good news, indeed, Bill. When I got married and my current job transferred me to the Sacramento area (we are still here), there are many that grew up in this area who talk about their local... more
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