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I am glad there is some accuracy in the book
Tue Sep 22, 2009 15:00

That's good news, indeed, Bill. When I got married and my current job transferred me to the Sacramento area (we are still here), there are many that grew up in this area who talk about their local hosts fondly. Captain Sacto, Captain Delta, I think the name was Bosun Bill and others. (Oh, and Bruce, I had forgotten about Bay Area hosts Captain San Francisco, who was Mike Cleary and the heard but not seen Dr. Don Rose.)-Craig

  • Connecticut hostsBill in CT, Tue Sep 22 01:23
    He did the Connecticut part accurately. I had Happy the Clown (Joey Russell) sign the CT page. :)
    • Re: Connecticut hostsGail, Tue Sep 22 17:45
      I was also satisfied with the NYC section On sandy becker and chuck mccann. I hope I can meet mccann someday to autograph The NYC page. Gail
    • I am glad there is some accuracy in the book — craigoma8, Tue Sep 22 15:00
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