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Philip R. Cable
Tue Dec 15, 2009 15:36

In a earlier post I, and others, considered what would have happened if the 1961 ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY pilot had become a series.

The response to that posting motivated me to write a story outline for an episode of the series that never was.

In keeping with the reality of televsion scripts, circa this time period and small budget, the story has only a few sets and roles to cast other than the ongoing characters. Here's Act One. If you like it let me know and I'll get to work on Act Two.




Young Clark Kent is helping his father, Jonathan Kent, in their small grocery store, while also talking to Lana Lang about the upcoming dance. Lana tells Clark that she’s tired of waiting for him to ask her. Maybe she will go with Superboy instead. Clark wryly comments that he didn’t know that Superboy asked her. Lana reluctantly admits that he hasn’t but she’s sure that he would have asked her if he hadn’t been so busy helping the police deal with all the robberies being committed by the Ellsworth gang to ask her. Just then, Professor Periwinkle enters carrying a big box. (Professor Periwinkle was introduced in the ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY script- Achilles Was A Heel) Professor Periwinkle wants to trade Jonathan Kent something valuable to be applied to grocery Bill. Jonathan is dubious but wants to help the professor if possible being as Professor Periwinkle spends most of monthly pension on his wild experiments. The absent-minded Professor opens up his box and shows Jonathan, Clark and Lana two dozen exquisite orchids. Lana marvels over how beautiful they are which clinches the deal for Jonathan. Clark whispers something to his dad who smiles and gives Clark an orchid. Clark promptly offers it to Lana ands asks her to the dance. Lana delightedly accepts the orchid as a peace offering. As Clark glance out the store window he notices a shifty looking man walking across the street buying some bubble gum from a vending machine. As Lana holds the orchid up to her dress while looking at herself in a mirror, Clark quietly mentions to his dad that he thinks the man across the street is Benny Faraday, a member of the Ellsworth mob. Jonathan makes a show of asking Clark to get some cans of soup from the back of the store. Clark rushes to the storage room and quickly changes to Superboy as Lana wraps her orchid snuggly in her handkerchief. He flies across the street and confronts Benny who acts very nervous. Superboy is about to grab him and fly him to the Police when he hears Lana scream! He rushes back to the Kent Grocery store and sees that the box of orchids is on fire! Using his super breath Superboy puts out the flames. After making sure that Lana and Jonathan are both all right, Superboy rushes outside only to find that see that Benny has disappeared. Superboy changes back into Clark and Joins Lana. Everyone is confused as to what caused the box to catch fire. Suddenly Lana yelps, as the handkerchief she’s holding gets hot. She drops it and it bursts into flames! Jonathan tosses a glass of water on the fire extinguishing it. Clark wonders if Professor Periwinkle’s orchids were the product of one of his experiments. Lana wants to investigate but Clark reminds her of the cheerleader practice that she’s obligated to attend. Lana realizes that Clark is right so she asks Clark to investigate. Clark promises that the matter will be looked into.

Benny meets with is boss, Walt Ellsworth, at their hideout. Ellsworth demand to know why Benny left the hideout. Benny sheepishly states that he was out of Bubble gun and he left to stock up on some. Ellsworth is furious that Benny would jeopardize his plans by leaving the hideout. They only have one more robbery to commit and once its done they can blow Superboy’s hometown forever. Benny meekly apologizes.

Clark has been trying to call Professor Periwinkle for nearly an hour and he keep’s getting a busy signal. Making sure that his dad doesn’t need him at the store Clark changes into Superboy and flies to Professor Periwinkle’s lab. There he finds the Professor engrossed in his work and his phone off the hook. He is adjusting the dials on a large machine with a rotating antenna on top. The Professor explains that he is took the phone off the hook because he is in the middle of an experiment. Professor Periwinkle places a small glob of doughy material on the floor, attaches some wires to it while also explaining that this is part of his new invention. It’s a hybrid of matter and energy that he calls neo-matter. The machine he has developed is a cellular duplicator. When activated, the machine can program the neo-matter to duplicate the cellular structure of anything that it has scanned. The Professor’s preliminary experiments with orchids were so successful that he’s now going to use it on himself. The timer on the Duplicator signals that it’s about to activate so Professor Periwinkle steps in front of it. Horrified by what the Professor is doing, Superboy shoves him out of the way but only to be struck by a powerful beam of light! Suddenly the neo-matter glows and becomes an imperfect facsimile of Superboy. Its hair is scraggly and its skin is devoid of color. In fact, it is as white as snow. Superboy is mystified by what has happened. Periwinkle quickly theorizes that due to Superboy’s invulnerability the Duplicator couldn’t thoroughly scan him.
“Is it alive?” Superboy asks.
“No. Not alive. In a way, it’s very much like a robot. It’s synthetic cells are programmed to simulate your living cells. It can’t think but it can simulate your reactions to external stimuli. At least that’s what it’s supposed to do. I didn’t expect that the result to be so... bizarre.”
The creature stirs. “Bizzz...Bizarro? Me not Bizarro. Me am Superboy.”
Superboy tells the Professor that this pseudo-robot is potentially dangerous. He explains that the orchids Professor Periwinkle created burst into flames at the Kent’s grocery store. Periwinkle concludes that there must be a molecular flaw in the neo-matter. The more that it’s exposed to light the faster its molecular structure destabilizes. That’s why Lana’s wrapped orchid took a little longer to disintegrate.
Superboy gently takes Bizarro’s arm and says to him: “I’m sorry, but you need to come with me. You’re a danger to people.
Bizarro says: “Me not danger. Me am hero!”
Bizarro shoves Superboy away causing him to fall onto the Duplicator. Sparks shoot everywhere!
Bizarro flies out the window and into the distance.
The professor tries to turn the Duplicator off but to no avail. He screams, “It’s out of control! A Duplicator beam fired at full intensity could cause this lab to implode!”
Superboy jumps in front of the Duplicator as it fires and lets the beam hit him. As Superboy painfully resists the effects of the beam, Professor Periwinkle is able to get the Duplicator under control and turn it off. Superboy drops to his knees weakly then notices that Bizarro has disappeared. Superboy wonders where Bizarro could have gone?

Bizarro flies to the Kent store and sees a sign on the store window saying ‘Out to lunch. Back at One PM.’
Bizarro is unsure of what to do. “If father not here...Me must watch store.” Bizarro yanks the door open, breaking the lock, and enters. He looks around and heads for the storage room. Meanwhile some cheerleaders drive up in a hotrod and parks next to the Kent Grocery store. Out of the hotrod jumps Lana promising the other cheerleaders that she’ll just be a minute. She has to check with Clark if he checked on Professor Periwinkle for her.

As Lana heads for the front door Bizarro comes out of the storage room dressed as Clark Kent. In only a few seconds, Lana will discover Superboy’s secret identity!


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