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Doug S
Trying to complete Superman autograph project...
Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:10

I got into collecting GR/Superman stuff way to late into the game to find the really awesome things like costumes and such, so about 15 years ago or so I made a goal of trying to come up with 104 autographs from people who had appeared on the show (there were 104 episodes). My goal is to put all of them in a large frame, with photos and such from the show, and have it be my one-of-a-kind tribute to George, Noel, Phyllis, John, Jack, and "Bob". I've never seen anyone one else ever attempt this, and I'm pretty close to gather all of the signatures (I've got 85 so far). A lot of the actors were pretty obscure, but played all of those bit parts during the 30's through 1980's or so. I've got some traders, and only need 19 more to finish my target. If any of you collect autographs or know people who did, I'd appreciate your help.

I finally got around of making an exhaustive list of all of the actors I could find from all 104 episodes of the Adventures of Superman (I'm sure i must have missed some, and would appreciate any help in adding other names). If someone has a way to list a Word file here let me know. Until then, here is my list. I've got a more comprehensive list in an Excel file with "Birth Dates", "Passing Dates", episodes they appeared in, and character names if that will help (I can email them to you, my email is

Sorry for the long list, the Word file is in multiple columns, and doesn't take up so much space.

The Adventures of Superman (1952-1958) Autographs I Need

Aherne Patrick

Alper Murray

Alton Kenneth

Alton Leon

Anders Rudolph

Anders Rudolph

Ari Ben

Arnie Harry

Arnie Harry

Arnold Phil

Arvan Jan

Ashdown Isa

Askin Leon

Ayres John

Baer John

Baker Eddie

Balter Sam

Bambury John T.

Bane Holly(Hollis) Michael Ragan Ragen Raghan

Barber Bobby

Barcroft Roy

Barnes Phillip

Barrows George

Barton Gregg

Bekassy Stephen

Bennes John

Bennett Julie

Bennett Ray

Bernard Tom

Bice Robert

Blair Henry

Blake Larry J.

Bordman Nan

Boris Tony

Borman Bibs

Bradford Lane

Bradford Marshall

Brand George

Brent Eve (as Jean Lewis)

Ashe Jean Ann Lewis

Brocco Peter

Brooks Doyle

Brown James L.

Bryar Paul

Budd Norman

Burns Paul E.

Buster Budd (George Selk)

Calvert Steve

Cane Charles

Cantor Herman

Carey Leonard

Carr Steve

Carr Thomas

Carrier Albert

Carrol Virginia

Carroll Toni

Carson Robert (Bob)

Cass Maurice

Cassel Sid

Cavanagh Paul

Cavell Marc

Challee William

Chamberland Howland

Charney Kim

Chauvin Lilyan

Cheshire Harry

Christy Ken

Cliff John

Cobb Ed

Conkin Russell

Connor Frank

Conte Steve

Cooper Tamar

Corden Henry

Craven James

Crawford John

Cromer Dean

Crosby Wayde

Custer Russell

Daly Jack

Daly John

Darrin Diana

Davis Carl

Dawson Hal K.

De Mario Tony

De Mario Tony

Dean Jeanne

Dean Margia

Delevanti Cyril

DeMartel Wilkie

Diamond Don

Dillaway Don

Dillon Thomas

Doran Ann

Dorr Lester

Dorr Lester

Douglas George

DuBrey Claire

Duncan Craig

Duval Juan

Easton Robert

Eben Al

Eldredge George

Elliot Cecil

Elliot Dick

Elliott Ross

Emory Richard

Escalante Henry

Essler Fred

Faden Tom

Fahey Myrna

Fenton Frank

Ferguson Frank

Ferre Cliff

Ferry John

Fierro Paul

Finch Jack

Finn Sam

Fix Paul

Fleer Harry

Flint Sam

Ford Ross

Forrest William

Forte Joe

Foster Ronald

Foulk Robert

Friedkin Joel

Frost Terry

Frost Terry

Fuller Barbara

Galindo Nacho

Garralaga Martin

Garrett Michael

George Jack

Gerard Hal

Geray Steven

Glass Everett

Goodwin Harold

Gordon Roy

Gorss Saul

Gozier Bernie

Gray Charles H.

Green William

Grosson Bob

Guild Lyn

Hall Lois

Halpern Evelyn

Hamilton George

Hamilton John

Harbord Carl

Hargrave Ronald

Harmon John

Harrison Sandra (Sandy)

Harvey Harry

Hayden Harry

Hayword Jim

Hecht Ted

Heffley Wayne

Helton Percy

Henderson Douglas

Hendry Len

Henry William

Heydt Louis Jean

Hinton Ed

Holmes Stuart

Hoover Hal

Houston Paula

Howat Clark

Howes Reed

Hudman Wes

Hughes Anthony

Hugo Mauritz

Hyland Jim

Hytten Olaf

Jackson Selmer

Jackson Thomas

Jara Maurice

Jarmen Stan

Johnson Jason

Karlan Richard

Kellogg John

Kennedy Bill

Khoury George

Kibbee Milt

Kikume Al

Kirk Joe

Knox Micky

Kreig Frank

Kruger Harold

Kruschen Jack

Kulky Henry

La Torre Charles

Laird Effie

Lake Florence

Lawrence Jay

Lawton Donald

Leary Nolan

Lee Alan

Lee Ruta

Leveque Edward

Lewis Buddy

Lewis Harry

Lewis Louise

Linder Alfred

Littlefield Jack

Lomas Jack

London Tom

Lubin Lou

Lusk Freeman

MacDonald J. Farrel

MacDuff Tyler

Marden Adrienne

Marion Paul

Marlowe Frank

Marshall Chet

Marshe Vera

Martell Gregg

Martin Irene

Mason Buddy

Maxwell Charles

Maxwell John

Mayer Ken

McDonalrd Francis

McEvoy Renny

McGrail Walter

McKinney Mira

McVeagh Eve

Mell Joseph

Melton Sid

Mendoza Henry

Mercier Louis

Meredith Charels

Merton, John

Mitchell Laurie (Lori)

Mitchell Steve

Moffett Gregory

Monroe Tom

Montgomery Ray

Moody Ralph

Mooradian Gabriel

Moore Dennis

Moore Tom

Mora Bradley

Moreland Sherry

Morley Kay

Nester Joel

Newell William

Nolan Danny Sue

Norma Varden

Nugeny Judy

O'Flynn Damian

Ogg Jimmy

O'Moore Pat (Patrick)

O'Toole Ollie

Owens Marjorie

Padden Sarah

Pendelton Steve

Penn Leonard

Penny Ed

Pepper Jack

Perrin Victor

Perry Vincent G.

Phillips John

Power Paul

Powers Richard

Powers Tom

Prickett Maude

Randall Stuart

Ravenel Flourence

Ray Joel

Ray Joey (

Reeves Richard

Reicher Frank

Reider Edward

Reitzen Jack

Renaldo Tito

Reynolds Alan

Reynolds Jack

Rich Dick

Richards Frank

Riley Elaine

Riordan Joel (McGinnis)

Ritchie Carl

Rivero Julian

Roberts Allene

Roberts Frank

Roberts Ned

Roehn Franz

Roman Ric

Rowland Henry

Russel Lewis

Ryan Ted

Ryle Lawrence

Saunders Gloria

Saxe Carl

Saylor Syd

Scannell Frank J.

Scott Carolyn

Seay James

Sessions Almira

Shackleton Richard

Sharpe Lester

Sheeler Mark

Sherman Fred

Sherman Orville

Simpson Mickey

Singleton Doris

Snowden Eric

Spotts George

Stanhope Ted

Stevenson Jr. Housely

Sullivan Brick

Tafur Robert

Tead Phillips

Thomas Lyn

Thomas Lyn

Tomack Sid

Towne Aline

Turner Dan

Tyler Harry

Tyrrell Ann

Upton Julian

Upton Julian

Vacio Natividad

Vallin Rick

Vallon Michael

van Sickel Dale

Van Zandt Philip

Vincent Sailor

Vitale Joseph

Vivyan John

Vonn Veola

Wagner Max

Waldis Otto

Walker Ray

Wallace Helen

Warren Phil

Watkins Pierre

Wayne William

Wendell Bruce

White Dan (Daniel)

White Yvonne

Whitfield Smoki

Whitney Peter

Willes Jean (Donahue)

Williams Bob

Williams Charles

Windbell Morgan

Wood Milton

Wooten Steve

Yitale Joseph

Young Carleton G.

Yvette Duguay

These are autographs I can trade for ones I need

TAC ActorsTo Trade

Burke Paul

Coates Phyllis

Cook Jr. Elisha

Dobkin Lawrence (Larry)

Eldridge John

Greer Dabbs

Pyle Denver

Seymour Dan

Talbott Gloria

Welden Ben

Doucette John

Jenks Frank

Larson Jack

Mealey Malcolm

(w/character name)

Patterson Elizabeth

Fuller Dolores

(w/ character name)

Rockwell Robert

(w/ character name)

Others to Trade

Tremayne Les

Mazurki Mike

Endman Richard

Collyer Bud

Arnez Desi

Henry Shearer (Simpsons)

Nancy Carwright (Simpsons)

Groening Matt (Simpons)

Montalban Ricardo

Bissell Whit

Delany Dana

Reeve Christopher

Perreau Gigi

    • Robert BiceSam, Sun Sep 11 08:04
      Did you ever get a Robert Bice autograph? Thanks Sam
    • Steve CalvertTed Newsom, Mon Jan 25 22:57
      Regarding Steve Calvert: I doubt there's any paper on him, but Paul Parla has a boatload of stills Steve signed of him in gorilla costume. He charges some extraordinary about, like $40, which is... more
    • Admirable projectMike Curtis, Fri Jan 22 18:22
      Good idea, and I wish you luck. Since I collect primarily to exhibit at schools, libraries and museums, I also collect signed photos of people who played Superman or characters in the shows and... more
      • Re: Admirable projectAnonymous, Fri Jan 22 20:54
        Mike, Thanks for replying. I am really only looking for the autographs on paper, and not on photos. It makes it easier (and cheaper) to look for obsure people, and alot of them used to sign autograph ... more
        • Autograph pagesMike Curtis, Sat Jan 23 07:29
          Yes, those "cut" signatures have been the way to build an exhibit for me. I don't have a signed photo of George Reeves, but a page from an autograph book. I got it on the low side as there's a... more
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