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Mike Curtis
Admirable project
Fri Jan 22, 2010 18:22

Good idea, and I wish you luck.

Since I collect primarily to exhibit at schools, libraries and museums, I also collect signed photos of people who played Superman or characters in the shows and films.

When I can't get a signed photo, I put a photo with the cut signature.

I don't have any of the cartoon voices (other than Bud Collyer) but I do have all the actors who wore a costume other than David Wilson (on the horrible 1977 TV musical).

Especially prized is one of Lyle Talbot with a photo of him as Lex Luthor, Micheal J Pollard as Mr. Mxyzptlk, Brando as Jor-El, and Ray Middleton, from the NY World's Fair. I took several to the weekend at Woolstock.

Ones I am especially trying to find are the actor who played BIZARRO on SUPERBOY, as well as one of Johnny Rockwell as Superboy.

The photos on exhibit get a lot of attention and one of my favorite Superman stories comes from that.

I was with my collection, and a lady came up while looking through the Superman toys and such, and asked me if I had a picture of the actor who played Superman.

I said, yes, which one?

She replied, the one that flies.


  • I got into collecting GR/Superman stuff way to late into the game to find the really awesome things like costumes and such, so about 15 years ago or so I made a goal of trying to come up with 104... more
    • Robert BiceSam, Sun Sep 11 08:04
      Did you ever get a Robert Bice autograph? Thanks Sam
    • Steve CalvertTed Newsom, Mon Jan 25 22:57
      Regarding Steve Calvert: I doubt there's any paper on him, but Paul Parla has a boatload of stills Steve signed of him in gorilla costume. He charges some extraordinary about, like $40, which is... more
    • Admirable project — Mike Curtis, Fri Jan 22 18:22
      • Re: Admirable projectAnonymous, Fri Jan 22 20:54
        Mike, Thanks for replying. I am really only looking for the autographs on paper, and not on photos. It makes it easier (and cheaper) to look for obsure people, and alot of them used to sign autograph ... more
        • Autograph pagesMike Curtis, Sat Jan 23 07:29
          Yes, those "cut" signatures have been the way to build an exhibit for me. I don't have a signed photo of George Reeves, but a page from an autograph book. I got it on the low side as there's a... more
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