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Re: Admirable project
Fri Jan 22, 2010 20:54


Thanks for replying. I am really only looking for the autographs on paper, and not on photos. It makes it easier (and cheaper) to look for obsure people, and alot of them used to sign autograph books, which a page from one of them is fine with me.

It sounds like you've got an interesting collection you are working on, too. I don't get to the collector shows anyomre, but if i run across anything, I'll let you know. I was fortunate to go to a lot of Los Angeles autographs show for about 10 years, and always found them really interesting.

Thanks for keeping me in mind on my list. It sounds like we are collecting different forms of things, and aren't "stepping on each others toes". If you can send me a list of what you are still looking for, I'll see if I can help. Just send me an email at

Best regards!


  • Admirable projectMike Curtis, Fri Jan 22 18:22
    Good idea, and I wish you luck. Since I collect primarily to exhibit at schools, libraries and museums, I also collect signed photos of people who played Superman or characters in the shows and... more
    • Re: Admirable project — Anonymous, Fri Jan 22 20:54
      • Autograph pagesMike Curtis, Sat Jan 23 07:29
        Yes, those "cut" signatures have been the way to build an exhibit for me. I don't have a signed photo of George Reeves, but a page from an autograph book. I got it on the low side as there's a... more
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