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Mike Curtis
Autograph pages
Sat Jan 23, 2010 07:29

Yes, those "cut" signatures have been the way to build an exhibit for me.

I don't have a signed photo of George Reeves, but a page from an autograph book. I got it on the low side as there's a cellophane stamp stain on it, and the fellow listing it on eBay didn't put SUPERMAN in his header. Since I don't have a signed photo, I keep the paper in a case with my cape symbol. I took it to Woodstock and passed it around, as well as the Memphis film fest where a lot of the folk here attended. Noel recognized it at a distance, which pleased me.



  • Re: Admirable projectAnonymous, Fri Jan 22 20:54
    Mike, Thanks for replying. I am really only looking for the autographs on paper, and not on photos. It makes it easier (and cheaper) to look for obsure people, and alot of them used to sign autograph ... more
    • Autograph pages — Mike Curtis, Sat Jan 23 07:29
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