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Captain Celluloid
The Right Jack!
Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:59

I have the right Jack, being he did mention me several times during his phone conversation. He wanted to know why I wasn't invited to George's Tribute dinner? I told him "too many green eyed monsters in the room." lol

  • Perhaps referring to a different actorAbel Spelman, Tue Jun 28 12:00
    The person named Jack Larsen who is referenced in several posts here may be a different actor than Jack Larson, who appeared in Adventures of Superman in the 1950s. That actor - Jack Larson -... more
    • Jack LarsonsSteve Maurer, Fri Jul 1 11:31
      There are two Jack Larsons other than the one who played Jimmy Olsen. One is the actor who played the title role in the Dick Van Dyke episode "Big Max Calvada", and Jackie Gleason's doctor in the... more
      • Re: Jack LarsonsAnonymous, Sat Jul 2 02:48
        Actually Sheldon Leonard played the title role in "Big Max Calvada". That other Jack Larson played his nephew, the crummy comdian trying to break into show business.
        • LarsonySteve Maurer, Sat Jul 2 12:37
          Thanks for the correction.
          • Re: LarsonyAnonymous, Sat Jul 2 20:44
            Welcome...:-) Actually, that was a pretty good episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Always enjoyed Sheldon Leonards gangster-esque verbal delivery....
    • The Right Jack! — Captain Celluloid, Wed Jun 29 11:59
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