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Some points about the LL int @ TAC:
Tue Jul 5, 2011 16:00

This interview was conducted on April 6, 1989 at her NY apt.
where she passed away around NY's eve later that year.
Only snippets were broadcast on ET & 'A Current Affair' in may'89:
"It was \S/ etc...."

LL's 2nd husband was not 'Harish Menzino' but Hamish Menzies:

The book quoted from was 'TV Babylon' by Jeff Rovin which confused the
late Bob Condon with his brother Richard still living at the time.
The chapter was entitled 'GR: Man and Superman' in which Tommy Carr
seriously doubts the official story.

At the point where LL is asked: (pg.17)
"Before you met George did you have any association with Eddie and/or Toni Mannix?",
(All being from Jersey, I wouldn't be suprised if they did).
The picture immediately goes black for 7 seconds at the end of which there is a VCR
edit (the old rainbow effect), where she then says Not: 'No, but he was with her before that length of time.
Eddie Mannix absolutely knew about that affair. But like that...'

but: "I guess so, but he was with her before that length of time. Eddie Mannix absolutely knew about
that affair. But like that...' and I believe this is an answer to a different question and that a small
part was cut out for whatever reason and not because of a tape change. (She also answers 'I guess so' to the next question, when she talks about Santiago.)

The original tapes used were 20 min betamax cassettes recorded in SP mode. The next tape change
was on pg.19 only a few minutes later right after LL says:
"They were very pleasant. You know, good, happy times."
This transcript is from a video copy many of us fans possess.

But LL is definitely lying in some parts for sure for whatever reasons. For example the reason for the delay in calling the police was not to get Condon and VanRonkel out because they give testimony in the Statement of Witnesses when the cops arrive. It could very well be that there were others there because Nati V. said there was about 15 people there in the house that night.

(Also of note, in one of the other Newspaper articles at TAC, it stated Helen B. was close friends to the Machins.
I wonder if they were related to Lisa Machin: she worked with Jan Bliss and Carol Van Ronkel
at the reality co of MF Killen. They could have very well had GR's house for sale at the time of his passing.)

Congrats to TAC.

PS - In Dec'59 articles stated that LL collected from a GR insurance policy. GL said it was about $10,000.

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