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Terry O.
Re: Very Nice T. I'm glad it worked. You can..
Wed Jul 13, 2011 15:34

Had some great moments with Noel. While we were talking, she was holding my hand, as if she were my Grandmother. Very sweet and personable. It was if I'd known her all my life. Come to think of it - I have. I told her I was a musician/guitarist and that I was amazed when I discovered that GR also played guitar and sang. Then she went on to recall the 1957 tour, to which I commented on one of the outfits she wore, where the skirt revealed "a lot of leg" and that I absolutely "downloaded that one!" The whole place erupted with laughter, including Noel.
But my favorite moment, was when she told me in a quiet voice, that she "hoped to see George again someday." To which I responded, "I'm sure you will." A very poignant and personal moment, which I will always cherish.

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