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Re: Disagree in part
Fri Dec 23, 2011 15:06

I fully agree the gloating is unseemly. For the most part, this board was a well regarded and appreciated "place".

If the gloating is being done by someone who asserts or implies that the cave board has 'won' or is a better place than this - or whatever, that also is distasteful and uninsightful in my view.

So we agree on that, and I won't even try to argue about the caveboard's eventual demise. The traffic there is light and slow.

I read most everything that goes up there, and I don't pick up on prevailing attitudes, except for what each person's view seems to be. I think what doesn't lock together for me in your critique is how it can be quiet and dead - except that there's this old guard presence that - apparently - can & will assert itself when there is a need to enforce prevailing attitudes.

I don't see those patterns there.

And I'm not trying to change your mind or your opinion. I feel like factually, you're a little off in describing the minimal activity that's still there.

  • Re: Disagree in partAnonymous, Wed Dec 21 20:22
    What you're describing, in return, is only accurate..To a point. A couple of "the old guard" still remain, and even with the newer, more active members (that is to say, who actually post comments) at ... more
    • Re: Disagree in part — Anonymous, Fri Dec 23 15:06
      • Re: Disagree in partAnonymous, Sat Dec 24 00:30
        I didn't say the "Old Guard" asserts themselves to enforce prevailing attitudes. I don't know where you're getting that. I'm saying over all, if (As was my case)a member introduces and maintains... more
        • Re: Disagree in partAnonymous, Sat Dec 24 06:15
          As familiar as I am with the cave board, I have no clue as to who made the grim reaper post here. The people I know who were once here and are now over there - I don't think any of them would gloat,... more
          • Re: Disagree in partAnonymous, Sat Dec 24 19:18
            Hope you have an enjoyable, Happy Holiday Weekend too. As for posting the link to the thread where my incident took place, I'd rather not. And incidentally, for the first time in a VERY LONG time, I... more
            • Correction:Anonymous, Sat Dec 24 19:21
              I didn't mean to imply I was responding to a "gloat" made by you. Upon re-reading what i had written, it can come across that way. I meant I was just responding to your POST.
              • Re: Correction:Anonymous, Sat Dec 24 20:15
                Got it. Interestingly, it has been a bit of a surge week for the old guard. Some of the names you see there currently have gone weeks or months w/o a post. Well, we just might be dancing on different ... more
                • Re: Correction:Anonymous, Sun Dec 25 11:14
                  • Re: Correction:Terry O., Mon Dec 26 10:16
                    In my opinion The Adventures Continue on Facebook has become the new home for the "old guard" etc..
                    • Re: Correction:Anonymous, Wed Dec 28 08:01
                      From what I've seen, with the exception of a very few people, most of the posters at the Caveboard are the very same people that used to post here. Facebook would only be a logical extension and... more
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