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Metropolis' Supermen
Sat Feb 25, 2012 16:12

George, If you contact the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, they will know. I believe they were local residents during those years. The Festival was much more low key then, but still a great deal of fun.

  • Hello - first time poster here, longtime reader. I'm trying to track down the official town Supermen of Metropolis. I know Charles Chandler was the first, and Scott Cranford and Josh Boultinghouse... more
    • Metropolis' Supermen — Ray, Sat Feb 25 16:12
    • Superman Celebration!Captain Celluloid, Sat Feb 25 10:18
      Checkout their site! Someone there might help you with this. CC Click the link!
      • Re: Superman Celebration!George, Sat Feb 25 10:34
        I did, wasn't having much success in getting a response. funny thing - right after I posted that message - I got one back from the Metropolis Planet. Problem solved, I now know what names I'm... more
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