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Tom Barrister
Re: Maxie sleeps with his eyes open
Fri Jul 5, 2013 22:13

I realize that this is a very old thread.

The movie was "Designing Woman," and the line is spoken at about 1:17 of the movie. Mike Hagen (Gregory Peck) wakes up in the middle of the night, sees ex-boxer Maxie (Mickey Shaughnessy), who's there to protect him, in bed with eyes wide open and thinks he's dead. He shouts, causing Maxie to spring to life. Mike calms Maxie down and sends him back to bed, then calls (and wakes up) his boss Ned Hammerstein (Sam Levene) and tells him "Maxie sleeps with his eyes open," then hangs up.

I remember the movie because dancer/choreographer Jack Cole steals the fight scene at the end, with a frenetic dance routine in which he manages to kick all of the bad guys into oblivion.

  • Maxie sleeps with his eyes openTed Newsom, Wed Nov 19 09:08
    It sounds like it could be from THE GAZEBO. Glenn Ford panics when he sees another guy--I think it's played by Mickey Shaughnassy-- dead-- or at least, he thinks he's dead. He panics, starts flaliing ... more
    • Re: Maxie sleeps with his eyes open — Tom Barrister, Fri Jul 5 22:13
      • Re: Maxie sleeps with his eyes openAnonymous, Mon Apr 21 21:44
        Thanks, Tom. You answered a question that's been bugging me for about 40 years. I saw the film at least twice on NY's old "Million Dollar Movie" in the 60's and never saw it again.
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