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Re: Can anyone add more clarification
Sun Aug 16, 2015 15:17

Was Janet there at 1am? Seems odd someone would stop by a home in the middle of the night to visit....

  • Can anyone add more clarificationTerry O., Wed Feb 3 11:59
    to these statements made by Janet Bliss? From what I've read in "Speeding Bullet" , Janet Bliss was interviewed for 20/20 and these statements came from unused footage. - Jan Bliss showed up . . .... more
    • Re: Can anyone add more clarification — Anonymous, Sun Aug 16 15:17
    • Lenore's Poor ChoiceJoe K, Fri Feb 5 04:59
      Now we all know where Lenore was coming from. Her choice of asking Polly Adler to protect Carol Van Ronkel's marriage would be like Tiger Woods asking Heidi Fleiss !!
    • Answers to all of this...Michael J. Hayde, Thu Feb 4 12:47
      and more are coming. I cannot say when. But I recently proofed a manuscript that addresses all of these things and a great deal more about that night, plus the months leading up to it, and the... more
    • Imagine.Ted Newsom, Thu Feb 4 03:30
      Imagine if that was the solution to the big conspiracy? That is so simple, so elegant. An argument and a suicide... but unfortunately simultaneous with an illicit tryst, which people try to cover up. ... more
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