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george reeves!
Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:52

Would LOVE to here him sing!!!

  • Well, as Clark Kent would say, I'm not sure what this site promises, but I am open-minded. Here's an abbreviated history: Michael Hayde has done extensive research and an excellent TAC print... more
    • george reeves! — jules, Fri Jan 29 11:52
    • Tony Bennett Show...Carl, Tue Aug 12 07:34
      Serena: As I stated on my post, "It's a great big hope." Years ago when I had learned of George's live TV appearances I remember thinking how cool it would be if these were discovered. Thank God they ... more
      • TV appearancesSerena, Wed Aug 13 20:20
        Hi Carl, I'm no expert, but I'm happy to get my hopes up. Is this photo with GR in satin and cowboy hat from the Suspense Mardi Gras episode? I haven't seen the show. As for all those other tv... more
        • Ol' Fancy Cowdude George...Carl, Wed Aug 13 20:40
          Yes, Serena. It is from 'Murder At The Mardi Gras.' And the bottom one of course is from, 'The Brush Off.' George turns out to be a bad guy in both. I have so much fun vid capping anything 'George' I ... more
          • Satin Cowboy ShirtSerena, Fri Aug 15 23:06
            GR in satin cowboy shirt - now I've seen everything! Maybe it's one of the late Jack Weill's Rockmount shirts. One thing I've noticed is how much better he looked - vital, fresh, and relaxed as... more
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