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Honor Harrington movie actress
Thu Dec 8, 2005 21:23 (XFF:

I think i found one who would be perfect the girl playing Aeon Flux

    • Perfect girl for HonorLarry, Sun Jun 2 00:27
      I still think Claudia Black. Or Gina Carano - shes a kickboxer and actress who could handle any of Honors coupe de vitesse scenes, physically imposing, not so stunning that she looks like an air... more
    • opionJake, Thu Feb 21 13:48
      Charlize Theron? Intresting choice. For me I think that Grace Park who played Boomer/Athena in the new Battlestar Galactica series would be a good choice to play Honor. She has several of Honor's... more
    • Actress to Play HonorBurntofferings, Thu Aug 18 22:03
      What do you Think of Kristen Kreuk from Smallville Fame to Play Honor Harrington?
      • Stana KaticShooterQ, Mon Jul 1 18:06
        Stana Katic of "Castle" fame would be a perfect Honor if she can do an English accent.
        • Re: Stana Katiconewhowishes, Tue Jul 2 16:48
          Any one of those choices is good,so would any veteran of Masterpiece Theatre for any of the Manticoran characters,,I always visualize the Manticoran scenes as a Masterpiece Theatre in outer space... more
    • wowgodanov, Sun Jan 2 10:10
      Alexandra Daddario
    • HONORVERSEwhitewings, Fri Mar 19 09:23
      Now with the Pandora/Avitar technology we have the ability to do most everything we need for a great movie. Title role? Size doesnt matter as they can make her any size they want. They can also make... more
      • Avatar techManty01, Mon Jan 3 01:10
        I agree for the most part, but the actress needs to be someone who can act the part, so this makes it someone who is skilled at acting.
      • CGI HonorJonathan, Sat Mar 20 20:58
        That's an interesting idea -- I assume you mean scanning an actress' face and creating a CGI figure resembling them to appear in the film, as was done with Sam Worthington in Avatar. I'm not sure it... more
    • Honor Actressstruthersc, Tue Feb 9 20:03
      Given her many faces, exposure and depth, I also would like to see Alicia Coppola considered. She already looks good in a Navy Uniform on NCIS.
    • Honor Harrigntonkmac, Sat Nov 28 16:23
      I think several could portray successfully Lucy Lawless, Michelle Forbes, Claudia Black, Claudia Christian any one would make a good choice.
    • Even Better Honor!MadYank, Thu Mar 19 14:28
      I DON'T know her name (dammit!), but the actress who is in the latest round of Slim Fast commercials, the one who kicks the donuts butt then tightens her leatherbelt and stalks off in her... more
    • Re: Honor Harrington movie actresscommcomm6, Sun Jan 11 14:59
      There is only one Honor Harrington.... Check out Bridget Moynahan in 'Sum of All Fears' and 'I Robot' Now someone make the movie before she gets too old...
    • Re: Honor Harrington movie actressSkiota, Sat Oct 18 16:27
      I think Lucy Lawless has the personality for Honor, (thinking of her as Xena) but she is older looking soo..Weber said recently he mostly just wants someone who's personality fits.
    • honor actressfritzgraser, Mon Jul 28 17:09
      how about maritska hagritay from law and order...she is rather tall and she already wears her hair short...may be a little old.
    • What the heck!Larry, Fri Sep 28 01:14
      I haven't played the "Who should play Honor?" game in a while and while I still like Claudia Black for the role I'm not beyond throwing a ringer or two in so just to stir the plot, err pot, so what... more
    • Actresssteveintx, Sun Sep 23 16:12
      I'm thinkin' Charlize Theron is a fabulous actor. Honor seems to be 6' or over. Charlize would have to stand on a milk crate for the whole show. How about Kristanna Loken (forgive her for Painkiller... more
    • Honor Harrington ActressTony Wentworth, Mon Sep 17 13:27
      Almost no one, including me, will buy a "Captain Harrington" who is too young looking. You need an actress over 35 who can handle the physical nature of the role. It would also be helpful if she... more
      • apperancesjoeb, Mon Sep 24 21:53
        But thanks to Prolong Honor appears to be in her mid to late twenties. Tia Carerre is a little older than that.
        • Delayed appearancesJonathan, Tue Sep 25 20:46
          Plus things will be delayed six months while John McTiernan serves his prison sentence for hiring a private eye to wiretap a business associate. Whoops. Poor Tia, she'd be half a year older still! In ... more
          • HH ActressesManty01Actual, Mon Apr 21 00:36
            Jennifer Beals, Michelle Forbes, putting it mildly, both women can be a makeup persons dream, as neither one of them would be in front of the mirror long to look 20 years younger or older. First... more
            • HonorSamuel L Turner, Mon Feb 23 16:37
              Anne Hathaway,maybe seems like a odd choice.Other choice would be Kelly Hu
          • Actress for Honor H.Jeff Yorio, Wed Sep 26 19:48
            This lady isn't well known but Karina Lombard for Honor?
            • Perhaps, but...Jonathan, Thu Sep 27 14:31
              Hey, she was in Playboy, she's perfect! ;) No matter, things have been derailed for a while (insert whiny lawyer's voice, "But my client was off his anti-depression meds and so he wasn't responsible... more
              • What about....Ignatius, Fri Sep 28 09:00
                Rachel McAdams? the girl from Red Eye, and Wedding Crashers.
          • Actressjoeb, Tue Sep 25 20:54
            You raise good points. On the other hand Michelle Collins from Bones, assuming she can act the part would be a good physical choice. Throw in she's on the younger side and I think she would be a... more
    • Michela Collinsjoeb, Mon Sep 3 02:28
      I'd like to put in a consideration for Michela Collins from 'Bones' She's close to the right hight (5'8") is of Chinese/Irish decent. I've liked what she's done on 'Bones', but I don't know if she... more
      • Honor Harringtonron, Sun Apr 20 19:12
        i think the Michela collins would be good but i would prefer summer glau other than her height she would be perfect
        • Actress for HHJeffrey Yorio, Mon Apr 21 21:38
          She might well be older than all those mentioned but how about Karina Lombard? She has a good look and though not overly popular here, in Europe she has a following.
        • SummerManty01Actual, Mon Apr 21 00:26
          Hehe, I already earmarked Summer for Susan Hibson. Lets exand, how about Liam Neeson for Hamish Alexander , don't laugh, Matt Hughes from UFC fame for Horace Harkness, please don't shoot the pulser... more
    • It's been consideredLarry, Tue Apr 24 16:13
      "the girl" by the by is actress Charlize Theron. Her filmography is here: She's perfect in Hollywood terms but for my two cents I think she's a little too pretty... more
    • Re: Honor Harrington movie actressnow, Sun Jan 21 17:54
    • Actress to Play Honormrllong, Sun Jan 21 11:06
      Annabeth Gish - She is a strong actress and while not a sexpot like Ms. Jolie (Honor isn't either) she has her own brand of beauty (as does Honor). She hasn't been over-exposed like Lucy Lawless or... more
    • The Never ending threadCapt. Blacklight, Sun Nov 12 21:02
      It tickles me to no end that this thread will Not die. Not just the subject, but this Thread is over a year old in and of its self. So I say Happy Birthday Zombie thread. :-)
      • Zombie Birthday 2Capt. Blacklight, Mon Jan 28 21:58
        Time for the terrible two's:-) Happy Birthday Zombie thread!!!! ( Yes, I know I missed the birthday. But I had to still say something) Lexa For Honor! Capt. Blacklight
    • Aya Sumika = HonorJet Graphics, Sun Nov 5 21:23
      Aya Sumika is a good candidate for Honor. She's part Asian, right age and build, and a knock out. Plus, recent roles as policewoman shows the right civil servant edge.
    • ArrgghhhLarry, Fri Oct 20 02:05
      You mean Charlize Theron? Sigh Sure for a billion dollors a scene. As I've said before, lets look a little ouside the box How about Erin Kelly Forest 181cm 65Kgs Australian National All Styles... more
      • Re: ArrgghhhAnonymous, Sat Oct 18 19:25
        well if we're going athletes for honor why not gabrielle reese
      • Thinking inside the dojoJonathan, Fri Oct 20 12:33
        If she can act, sure. If not, no. :) Really, it's that simple. Otherwise, the only thing the karate is useful for is beating up critics who slag her performance. Jonathan
      • rotten fingersLarry, Fri Oct 20 02:12
        Fingers slipped If you google her try "Erin Forrest" Karate Is two r's in her last name Larry
    • Re: Honor Harrington ActresstiGGer2-too, Tue Sep 12 15:43
      A few suggestions: Suzie Plakson (Worf's early lover in "STNG"), Reiko Aylesworth ("24"), or Yancy Butler ('Witchblade").
      • Re: Honor Harrington ActresstiGGer2-too, Mon Sep 18 13:59
        I would also suggest Demi Moore as a possible Honor (she had to wear an eye patch as a kid! ;-).
    • Re: Honor Harrington movie actressJohn Stevens, Wed May 17 13:55
      My short list for the Honor Harrington role is Angelina Jolie, Lucy Lawless, or Saffron Burrows.
      • Honor HarringtonJim W, Mon Jan 7 12:57
        How about Kelly Hu? She's about the right age and looks asian but with the hint of an anglo look. Lucy Lawless would be good but she's not asian. Angelina Jolie has the exotic look and is tall and... more
      • Re: Honor Harrington movie actressSkyler, Sun Dec 2 14:34
        Jessica Biel for honor harrington
      • Re Honor Harrington Movie ActressKathy H, Wed Sep 13 18:27
        I think that Lucy Lawless would be perfect.
        • butRObert M., Thu Sep 14 17:33
          but she is round eye, not asian, not even a hint of it
          • Re ButKathy H, Wed Sep 20 14:28
            Check the cover art for the books, she is not shown with asian eyes. I don't think any of the books say she has asian eyes.
            • RE: Art BooksAnonymous, Tue Nov 6 13:40
              Yeah well Book Art for the new covers uses a different model than that of First print of on Basilisk Station. Also it states she inhearited her mothers eyes(page 14, first paragraph, On Basilisk... more
            • ???Robert M., Fri Sep 22 12:01
              1.Most of the books also show warships that look nothing like the ships in the series. It was not untill either IEH or EoH that cover hart started using spindle shaped ships with hammer heads on the... more
            • Honor's Eye'sfred1451, Fri Sep 22 06:08
              I believe she has a slight emphatic fold.
    • A shot from left fieldMcG, Mon Apr 3 14:56
      Here is a shot from left field ... I think Rebecca St. James would make an awesome HH.
    • Harrington movie actressSlammer, Fri Dec 16 09:55
      the main thing is that there is not many actresses out there who is a mix of Trinity from matrix Lt Ripley from aliens and Xena all mixed up in one person
      • Remembering all the comments throughout most of the books speaking to how young Honor looks due to prolong we need to keep in mind for the most part that she should look something more like in her... more
        • Re: Prolong effects require younger looking actresssmartwombat, Sat Apr 15 16:05
          Meghan Ory
        • Remembering all the comments throughout most of the books speaking to how young Honor looks due to prolong we need to keep in mind for the most part that she should look something more like in her... more
          • Prolong and young actorslibertex, Sun Apr 16 10:17
            Why dumb down the story? I don't suggest trying to find 15 year old actors that can pull this off, though Dakota Fanning proves that you can find extremely young actors that are very good. I expect... more
          • romeo and juliettenpad, Sun Mar 26 22:47
            Historicaly, Romeo and Juliet were played by mature actors to the degree that the performers were often middle age and in make-up that did little to hide their age. Indeed the concensus of the... more
            • So rightSaknussem, Sat Apr 15 06:45
              When Zefferelli was casting Juliet, he went with Olivia Hussey (who I still think is one of the most beautiful women ever on screen) who was only 16 at the time. He had a merry time getting... more
      • What's neededJonathan, Fri Dec 16 20:03
        Well, that's quite true. The trick is that they would only have to pretend to be while being filmed with a camera as part of an imaginary story. That is, after all, what acting means. :) If the... more
    • Re: Honor Harrington movie actresspertm, Fri Dec 9 02:06
      Check out the girl playing Aeryn Sun in Farscape I think she would work well to.
      • Movie ActressTomas, Mon Dec 19 09:08
        Greetings from good ol'Germany!! What about Angelina Jolie? On one of the Books a drawing of her looks just like Angelina Jolie...and at least she has a decent English Accent. Well, I think she could ... more
        • Ms. JolieBigSTEVE-O, Mon Dec 19 17:30
          Seen Sky Captain world of tomorrow? Horrible movie, but Ms Jolie looks exactly what I woul Picture Honor looking like especially with the eye patch. I personally think the eye patch should have... more
          • HH ActorDavid, Fri Apr 7 04:01
            David Weber has said on many occassion that Ms Jolie will never play Honor Harrington it is a deal brecker for any studio wiashing to buy the movie rights as far as he is conserned
            • HH personifiedRob Dickson, Thu Jun 5 05:37
              I haven't seen anyone mention Jolene Blalock? She has it all, the exotic good looks that are exotic enough to make the viewer suspend their disbelief and understand why she thinks she's not... more
          • Re: Ms. JolieSoopergrape, Wed Dec 28 11:22
            AJ has the angular face that could be made more or less severe depending on her age in the story. She definitely has the intensity, focus, and the almond shaped eyes. It wouldn't take much of a... more
          • Sky Captain and AJPK, Mon Dec 19 17:47
            Actually, I liked Sky Captain. The only thing wrong with it was not enough Angelina. I loved the way her English accent differed from the one in Lara Croft - in SK it's more nineteen-forties. If we... more
            • The right actress for the right toneJonathan, Tue Dec 20 12:01
              Well, we're really talking about two different sorts of films anyway. Room for both approaches. To do the early books, where Honor is a cruiser captain with no influence and powerful enemies, Claudia ... more
              • prospective castCK, Wed Oct 4 02:06
                On the Mesan Pseudo Viper Assassination Squad shouldn't it be Lucy Liu instead of Michelle Yoh?
                • TrueJonathan, Wed Oct 4 13:26
                  Wups, that's right. Although I'm not sure if Liu has the subtle touch of expressiveness that would be required for tearing Honor's eye out and stamping on it during the seventeenth fight scene (the... more
              • It is good I am not the only person who say Bruce Campbell as Theisman
              • LOLDonna aka Dare aka Sarge, Wed Dec 21 10:32
                Artie Johnson?!?!? Lee MAJORS!?!?!!! ROFL How about Adam West for a campy Protector Benjamin? If he's still alive, that is! And Martin Short or Mike Myers as Mueller. And is there some way of getting ... more
              • What...Der Admiral, Wed Dec 21 02:22
       R. Lee Ermy? He'd be a perfect Horace Harkness!
                • Re: What...wellard, Wed Dec 21 13:34
                  OMG....Matt LeBlanc as White Haven Hey Honor how you doin'
      • Re: Honor Harrington movie actressEverett, Mon Dec 12 10:02
        Charlize Theron couldn't talk like a birt and Claudia Black isn't the right build for HH but she could do it needed. As much as it pains me to say it, Anglina Jolie is the right build and height and... more
        • Lacey ChabertAnonymous, Thu Jul 19 20:21
          Lacey Chabert
        • Anjelina Joliecurryhnk, Sun May 28 03:06
          She is not the right build, she's way too busty and hippy, and I'm not sure she's tall enough. Honor's supposed to be willowy and long, not a sex pot.
          • Honnor Actressjmullin, Thu Nov 1 14:43
            Who says people from Manticore or Sphinx speak with a English accent.
        • Right actressDavid, Fri Feb 17 10:00
          I disagree with all the thoughts so far. I would go with Angie Harmon from Law and Order- she was a DA a few seasons back. Tall, intense with dark hair and eyes, she can be harsh or soft, and can... more
          • Angie Harmonnpad, Fri Feb 17 21:08
            I agree with your assesment and I was allways a fan of hers in Law and Order (out of all the good ones she was my favourite: only Mcoy was a bigger pit-bull). But I think Hillary Swank still is my... more
        • ??BarbC, Tue Dec 13 11:07
          Why does she have to talk like a Brit?
          • BritspeakJonathan, Tue Dec 13 13:54
            If one were to follow the first books' "country mappings" of the SKM planets (Manticore=England, richest society, capital "Landing"; Gryphon = Scotland, with hard winters and "'Highlanders") then... more
        • Re: Honor Harrington movie actressZelmond, Mon Dec 12 21:47
          Was thinking about A.J. also. Its going to be hard to find someone to play HH. If ou wanted to go for a more mature person, how about Genna Davis?
          • Actress for HonorJeff Yorio, Sat Dec 30 19:31
            She's not that well known but she has a nice part and character in the show The 4400- Karina Lombard. From the covers I've seen, Karina looks fairly close.
          • Re: Honor Harrington movie actressEverett, Mon Dec 12 23:24
            Again would be good but can't do the Brit voice. Or at least I have never heard her do it! The one reason I like A.J. is if you have seen her in Sky Captian Movies. She had the uniform, the voice and ... more
            • HH Movie ActressJmullin, Mon Sep 24 11:53
              My canidate would be the actress in the movie Silver Hawk who played the police luetenant, i can't remember her name but she is Honor Harington. Wach Silver Hawk somtime you'll see who I mean.
            • HH actressZOFF, Wed Apr 11 09:25
              How about Carrie Ann Moss?
            • actress for honor rolegkb, Fri Feb 2 17:10
              I have listened and you are all wrong.Tania Raymonde(the girl that kicked the crap out of Reese on Malcolm in the Middle),and now has a recurring role on Lost. She has it all: angles,beak of a nose,... more
            • actress for honor rolegkb, Fri Feb 2 14:37
              I have listened and you are all wrong.Tania Raymonde(the girl that kicked the crap out of Reese on Malcolm in the Middle),and now has a recurring role on Lost. She has it all: angles,beak of a nose,... more
            • honor harrington acttressmike, Sun Sep 3 20:46
              I know form some of webers postings that he dont like aj so I do not think he will let her be cast as honor harrington, I have only heared rummers as to why that is the case, but it is and I would... more
            • Honor actressReb, Wed Mar 8 15:59
              Everett, I suggest Claudia Black play Honor Harrington. She certainly has the experience in playing a military character and is currently a newly found jewel in the US. Check out her work in the... more
              • Re: Honor actressAllan, Sun Mar 26 20:10
                I suggest Claudia Black play Honor Harrington. What do you think? Personally I decided on Claudia before Farscape was even screened Magazine pic of Aryen in space black unifoem, looking dangerous Me... more
            • DW says No to AJKat, Fri Feb 3 20:39
              While AJ has the look (though I think she is actually too pretty for the role) DW has stated that he does not want her in that role.
              • HILLARY SWANKanonymous, Mon Feb 6 01:32
                I don't know why she doesn't get more play. I lovvvve AJ, but after seeing 'Million Dollar Baby' Ms Swank showed me she has to be on the very short list. She has the ability to show a heroism that... more
            • CB for HH!Donna aka Dare aka Sarge, Tue Dec 13 06:09
              Actually, Honor is described as having a "dancer's" build. She isn't supposed to be all busty, unless DW meant "exotic dancer". ;-) IIRC, she's supposed to be built more like a ballet dancer, slender ... more
              • AJ or CBEverett, Tue Dec 13 23:25
                I would be happy with both of them. They both have the look and the voice. My only problem with CB is the height but I can live with out it! and your right about the prolong effects. They can't go to ... more
                • other partsonewhowishes, Wed Dec 14 09:45
                  That is indeed a good point.Who should play Tom Theiseman,Shannon Foraker,Eloise Pritchart,QE III,Honor's friends,key Graysons,buisiness people,Albrect Detweiler,warner caslet,members of... more
                  • Who should play QEIII?Walt Young, Sat Jan 27 21:54
                    How 'bout Shari Belafonte?
                  • SequelsDonna aka Dare aka Sarge, Wed Dec 14 10:11
                    The only books I'm really interested in seeing made are the first 5, maybe 6, and I think they would need to do some MAJOR editing to tighten things up. I'd like to see them make the movies in order, ... more
                • The One True Honor!Capt. Blacklight, Wed Dec 14 09:14
                  We all know it. I'm wondering why the other Disciple has not spoken? Lexa is the one true Honor! Lexa Doig that is!
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