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HONORversal architecture
Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:32

What Kind of Architecture should be shown in the upcoming Honor Harrington movie?
1.Urban and rural British?
2.Dave's Choice?
3.Same as on bookcovers?
4.Same as Alderaan?
1.urban and rural North American?
2.Urban and rural European?
3.Dave's Choice?
4.Same as on bookcovers?
5.Soviet or Third World?
1.corresponding to equivalent Terran countries?
2.Dave's Choice?
3.Same as on bookcovers?

    • Re: HONORversal architectureScott W., Fri Nov 18 20:12
      Manticore is definitely Georgian. Haven, Second Empire Everyone else, whatever :) But why all these questions about an HH movie? It's been rumored for ten years now and I see no evidence that it will ... more
      • Re: HONORversal architectureJonathan, Sun Nov 20 14:53
        But how does Second Empire look when it's applied to a 200-story countergrav tech skyscraper? ;) -J
        • Second Empire StylingLarry, Thu Dec 1 17:25
          Actually it probably looks no worse for a skyscraper than several other styles I can think of that have been used. In fact the Chrysler building in New York with Rounded Cove Style coping (as opposed ... more
          • Additional examplesLarry, Thu Dec 1 18:16
            Might look at the Dominion Bldg in Vancouver and the Elysian in Chicago, or the Lord Baltimore Hotel or the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore as examples of potential looks in Second Empire style.
        • replychristopher, Wed Nov 23 16:07
          A vague idea of this can be gained by looking at some of the newer skyscrapers in Chicago.
    • Re: HONORversal architectureJonathan, Thu Nov 17 20:43
      I'd have to say that it's extremely rare for an author to have any input into the visual design of a film adaptation. It can happen, but since there's no particular "look" to anything other than... more
      • HV Architecturestruthersc, Fri Nov 18 01:54
        I disagree...if someone really let's their head run away with them, going for the socialistic visage of NVP, then you will end up with a city that looks like it was designed by the Departnent of... more
        • Re: HV ArchitectureJonahan, Fri Nov 18 09:29
          I'd call that look more "Recursive Bureaucratic". ;) I was referring more to the monumental Soviet style of architecture. To really be accurate to the books, you'd need to construct a sort of... more
        • MemishAndy, Fri Nov 18 03:29
          Post-modern America? ;)
      • StorylineAndy, Fri Nov 18 00:34
        I would think that whatever is used on screen is going to depend on which story they want to tell... plus if it's billed as an "SF action/adventure" it's more likely to all be shipboard and inside... more
        • Production designJonathan, Fri Nov 18 09:42
          It's still fun to talk about it even if there ain't. ;) HotQ is my pick for adaptation too, and it is a bit simpler from a production viewpoint. Let's see... - Honor's ship (and this is not a trivial ... more
          • UniformsAndy, Fri Dec 2 00:24
            Not just colors, but cut and style. And girdles. Plus the general decorations, officers and particularly flag officers cabins and quarters would be very different - religious artifacts, paintings,... more
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