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Treecats on film
Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:38

How should Treecat communication be portrayed in the upcoming Honor Harrington film?
1.No communication
3.Off camera,recognizable people's voices
4.Cat noises with pitch,volume and duration of syllables altered to form recognizable words.What a real cat would sound like if it could speak.

    • replychristopher, Sun Nov 20 16:13
      I would choose a voice that soundedlike a domestic cat would if it had the ability to talk.
    • Re: Treecats on filmScott W, Fri Nov 18 20:08
      As I recall, the 'cats didn't start making real, recognizable communications until many books into the series. So for the beginning I think you just keep them adorable, fuzzy, critters for the most... more
      • Fuzzy crittersJonathan, Mon Nov 21 09:27
        Well, the adorable part may not last after the assassination attempt in HotQ. :) In fact, if Nimitz is included as a character, and is generally portrayed as a sort of cuddly sidekick, it could... more
        • Spot on :)Andy, Wed Nov 23 01:34
          Sarcasm too :( I still would like to see what Ron Moore could make of HotQ. He and Eick (and other dedicated people) did a good job with Battlestar Galactica, at least in the mini where it was the... more
          • replychristopher, Wed Nov 23 16:05
            I wonder how CGI images based on recordings of actual cats would work,with editing to add extra legs?
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