HV Architecture
Fri Nov 18, 2011 01:54

I disagree...if someone really let's their head run away with them, going for the socialistic visage of NVP, then you will end up with a city that looks like it was designed by the Departnent of Motor Vehicles, staffed by art school dropouts....

  • Re: HONORversal architectureJonathan, Thu Nov 17 20:43
    I'd have to say that it's extremely rare for an author to have any input into the visual design of a film adaptation. It can happen, but since there's no particular "look" to anything other than... more
    • HV Architecture — struthersc, Fri Nov 18 01:54
      • Re: HV ArchitectureJonahan, Fri Nov 18 09:29
        I'd call that look more "Recursive Bureaucratic". ;) I was referring more to the monumental Soviet style of architecture. To really be accurate to the books, you'd need to construct a sort of... more
      • MemishAndy, Fri Nov 18 03:29
        Post-modern America? ;)
    • StorylineAndy, Fri Nov 18 00:34
      I would think that whatever is used on screen is going to depend on which story they want to tell... plus if it's billed as an "SF action/adventure" it's more likely to all be shipboard and inside... more
      • Production designJonathan, Fri Nov 18 09:42
        It's still fun to talk about it even if there ain't. ;) HotQ is my pick for adaptation too, and it is a bit simpler from a production viewpoint. Let's see... - Honor's ship (and this is not a trivial ... more
        • UniformsAndy, Fri Dec 2 00:24
          Not just colors, but cut and style. And girdles. Plus the general decorations, officers and particularly flag officers cabins and quarters would be very different - religious artifacts, paintings,... more
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