Second Empire Styling
Thu Dec 1, 2011 17:25

Actually it probably looks no worse for a skyscraper than several other styles I can think of that have been used. In fact the Chrysler building in New York with Rounded Cove Style coping (as opposed to the current squared off style) on the window tops would come quite close. And I think it's 40 Wall Street has a Mansard style roof. I'd imagine that the typical long thin windows and mansard roofs wouldn't look too bad extended two hundred floors. Add a bit of trim every ten floors or so to break up the vertical emphasis and blend in a few balconies and it might actually be a winner.
Of course I'm prejudiced. I think Second Empire is one of the most elegant styles around, have always liked it. Far more refined than it's Victorian style cousins.


  • Re: HONORversal architectureJonathan, Sun Nov 20 14:53
    But how does Second Empire look when it's applied to a 200-story countergrav tech skyscraper? ;) -J
    • Second Empire Styling — Larry, Thu Dec 1 17:25
      • Additional examplesLarry, Thu Dec 1 18:16
        Might look at the Dominion Bldg in Vancouver and the Elysian in Chicago, or the Lord Baltimore Hotel or the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore as examples of potential looks in Second Empire style.
    • replychristopher, Wed Nov 23 16:07
      A vague idea of this can be gained by looking at some of the newer skyscrapers in Chicago.
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