Fri Dec 2, 2011 00:24

Not just colors, but cut and style. And girdles. Plus the general decorations, officers and particularly flag officers cabins and quarters would be very different - religious artifacts, paintings, etc.

Corridor styles... how many ways can one design a corridor in a aircraft carrier, er, spacecraft? Yeah, could occupy a battalion of Honor fans for years just doing design work. Wait, that hasn't already been done elsewhere? My memory dims...

Oh, PLANETARY architecture. Wait, there are HH books that take place on planets?


  • Production designJonathan, Fri Nov 18 09:42
    It's still fun to talk about it even if there ain't. ;) HotQ is my pick for adaptation too, and it is a bit simpler from a production viewpoint. Let's see... - Honor's ship (and this is not a trivial ... more
    • Uniforms — Andy, Fri Dec 2 00:24
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