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Sat Dec 24, 2011 07:58

Hello everyone!

Since NORAD's Santatrack has begun tracking the Jolly Fat Man I thought I'd take this chance to wish all of you a very merry Christmas, especially as it's all ready come for many of you as I write this. Here's hoping the New Year brings great new books from all our favorite authors and much joy of reading! Have been taking a bit of a dab into the past reading Larry Niven's "Fleet of Worlds" of late and Ursala K. Le Guinn's "The Dispossessed" as well as Terry Goodkind's "Wizards First Rule" which my younger daughter has been recommending to me for over a year now.
Anyway Happy Reading, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


    • Re: ChristmasMatthew D. Baird, Tue Dec 27 02:26
      Hello, Merry Christmas and New Year's to you Larry, and everyone else, Barb, Scott, Jonathan,and etc.. I hope Christmas went smoothly and festively for everyone - we're still working our way through... more
      • Re: ChristmasJonathan, Tue Dec 27 18:29
        I do love hearing good news! Hope you have a better year all round, Matthew. -Jonathan
    • Merry ChristmasBarb C, Sun Dec 25 11:03
      Merry Christmas to one and all. I hope that you all found what you wanted from Santa under the tree this morning. If you are traveling today, stay safe. Remember the Reason for the season. May God... more
    • Re: ChristmasScott W, Sat Dec 24 10:49
      And a Merry Christmas to you, too, Larry! And to all the few, the happy few, who still visit this site! Scott
      • Merry ChristmasJonathan, Sat Dec 24 15:17
        We few, we happy few -- we brand of bothers! --[Henry V, Spoonerist Shakespeare Versions] Jonathan
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