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Insanity they name is NOOK
Sat Dec 31, 2011 06:29

Short version. Sister-in-law bought a NOOK Tablet for herself for Christmas. NOOK connects wirelessly to many networks but doesn't connect at home. Wireless router at home has been checked twice now and shows no problems. six other laptops and tablets connect to it without problems. Router shows me its settings and what it's doing. NOOK hides all details of it's connection and won't tell me what it thinks it's trying to do. I positively abhor computer manufacturers that don't include an expert mode to allow trained professionals to at least examine the stack settings and other variables so you can see what the device is attempting to do. Sure it should be hidden and locked away behind a password to keep fumble fingers from it, but access should always be there once the owner certifies they understand the risks and are willing to accept them to allow low level configuration examination and adjustment. And sis-in-law keeps whinging about it.
The worst part is that even the idiot prompt the NOOK does have says it's connected to the router and everything is fine..... Right up until you attempt to use it to access the internet, then the danged thing goes blooey. I suspect a DNS problem, or possibly a bad HTTP handshake request going awry.
I'm going to take one more crack at it using my laptop and my copy of Wire Shark to monitor the access point when she attempts a login/web access. That should tell me what the stupid thing is doing.
No matter what I find though I'm not buying a NOOK till I know they include a TCP/IP config screen and some low level data screens. And If I can't get this to work sis-in-law is returning hers.
That's two customers B&N could lose on this one.
Stupid NOOK, stupid software designer,
I need sleep! This is starting to make me grumpy!


    • Well that was wierdLArry, Sat Jan 14 04:22
      OK I finally got it to work but I still don't quite know how. Used Wire Shark to look at the actual transactions between the NOOK and the Wireless router and saw several non-standard beaconing... more
    • Re: Insanity they name is NOOKScott W, Mon Jan 2 19:24
      Good luck getting it sorted out! I've been contemplating a Nook or a Kindle for some time now but they keep coming out with more advanced models and I, being a person who cannot make up his mind... more
      • Re: Insanity they name is NOOKJonathan, Tue Jan 3 09:11
        Yikes, orphanware! Apparently it is possible to load non-DRM ePub files (like the ones we make for SpB) onto a Cruz, but there a few steps. The good thing is that once it gets set up with the app to... more
    • Not familiar with the model, butAndy, Sun Jan 1 00:30
      What's the brand and model of your router, Larry? Nook model would help too. Feel free to email me. andygroz g mail com Andy
    • KindleBarbC, Sat Dec 31 10:36
      A young (12) friend of mine bought a Kindle with his Christmas money. He had the same problem. He took it back and got a Nook and that seems to be working fine. However he did mention that their home ... more
      • Plug n' Play vs. Shrug n' PrayJonathan, Sat Dec 31 12:55
        Huh, and to think I grumble about my Kobo needing to be plugged into a PC to get books loaded onto it. At least there's not much to go wrong! Good luck Larry! Jonathan
        • ConsistencyAndy, Sun Jan 1 00:38
          Is not a strength of capitalism as it struggles to survive the technological age :( Next up: The Efficiency Aspect... and a fan video: One Plug For All, One Plug to Find Them A Network link to in the ... more
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