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Belasaurius Casting Call
Sat Jan 28, 2012 17:10

Since the year seems to be going slow so far for new Honor stories I though I'd start a small discussion on a different topic. I assume that most of you have also read the Belisarius series by Drake & Flint. If not for shame on you. I'd put it well towards the top of one of my favorite book series ever. You should too.
Assuming that you have however, if it was ever to become a movie (and probably only Cecil B. DeMille could film some of those battle scenes properly) Who would you cast for it.
Yes I am opening yet another thread that can not die! So there.
Now myself I would want to shoot it overseas and want to get actual actors from the regions for the parts. I like the idea of using young actors from the international community, quite frankly I think more movies need to feature non Hollywood performers. There's a heck of a lot of talent out there and we Americans could benefit from having that driven home.
Belisarius - Giorgos Alkaios (Yea I know he's primarily a singer, but I saw his performance at Eurovision and I like the intensity he has.)
Antonia - Ola Ghanem
Narsus - Simon Fisher-Becker (Plays Dorium Maldovar on Dr. Who)
Justinian - Someone who looks like Elias Christeas (he's Greek American and in LA. I want a Greek unknown)
Theodora - Ghada Abdel Razek (Suitably made up of course. I think she has a very serious look to her)
Eon - John Dumelo maybe (although I think he's a little old for the role)
Ousanas - Djimon Honsou (although he may be a little to old for the part, but maybe not)
Shakuntala - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the very first name I think of, but lets face it shes a bit too old, too tall and probably too rich and settled now that she's married to want the part.
Ranguntha Rao - Kunal Khemu
Kungus - Fahim Fazli (but maybe not maybe I want some one more like Arpan Thapa, I have a mental picture and I simply can't get it to mach to any real people.)

Oh well that's a start, and there are a lot of other roles to fill as well. still it's enough to get folks thinking. So, any takers? Any comments?


    • Re: Belasaurius Casting CallScott W, Sun Jan 29 09:20
      Larry, Thanks for posting something to keep things going around here! But the Belisarius series... oh dear, been so long since I read that. I don't think I ever read the later books. The first two or ... more
      • BelasauriusLarry, Mon Jan 30 03:07
        One of the things that made me think outside mainstream was the description of Belisarius as a younger man then we normally conceive when we think "General". If you remember that average life... more
        • Re: BelasauriusJonathan, Wed Feb 1 08:48
          Larry, I'm afraid I know so little about that series that I visualize a "Belasaurius" to be a meat-eating dinosaur with the head of a Hungarian film actor ;) but I think you approach of casting... more
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