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Scott Washburn
Scott Washburn's books now on Kindle!
Fri Feb 17, 2012 08:05

Hey guys! My science fiction and fantasy novels are now available for the Kindle! My novels have solid plots, good science, consistent magic systems, and compelling characters. And always a few battles! Give them a try!

War Among the Ruins

A science fiction novel set in the far future. The vast and powerful Star League is on the brink of victory after a long and bloody war with a ruthless alien race called the Darj-Nang. But the enemy has one last card to play and a devastating sabotage plot cripples the high-tech devices of the League. Faced with the total collapse of their civilization, all hope rests on the crew of one obsolete starship, which has escaped the sabotage. As old enemies close in to pick the bones of the League, the LSS Gilgamesh and her crew make a desperate journey to an abandoned world in hopes of finding an answer to the Darj-Nang plot. New foes, unlikely allies, and unexpected dangers await.

Available here:

Fires of Memory

A fantasy novel. The kingdoms of the east have all but forgotten the old magic. Science has replaced the wizards; muskets and cannons have replaced the swords and armor of the old knights. But across the mountains, Atark, a shaman of their ancient enemy, the nomadic Kaifeng, has rediscovered the old magic and, thirsting for revenge for his murdered family, he unleashes it in a new war of conquest. As city after city falls to the invader, Matt, a young soldier, and Jarren, a reluctant scholar, desperately search for an answer to this seemingly unstoppable weapon. Meanwhile, Kareen and Thelena, two young women from different cultures, are thrown together by fate—and find that in a world drenched in blood, the only thing they can count on is each other.

Available here:


Physicist David Dysinger has a dream: build the first faster-than-light starship and go to the stars. The technology is there, all it will take is money. But the stagnant society on Earth, with 99% of the population living in virtual reality worlds, has no interest in a starship. The members of the small space-based society which does most of the real work are interested in David’s starship, but they are under the thumb of their Earth-based masters. David is determined to pursue his dream, but he has no clue of the extents that Earth’s rulers will go to maintain the status quo. A tale of adventure, exploration, discovery—and revolution.

Available here:

    • Alas and alackLarry, Fri Mar 2 02:30
      I have not this Kindle of which you speak! I readeth books the olde fashioneth way. The screens of yea Kindle and Nookeths are being too small for me aging eyes. and I be of the oldeith fashionedith... more
      • Re: Alas and alackScott W, Fri Mar 2 07:07
        Hi Larry! Well, to be honest I don't have one of them new-fangled gadgets either! :) But all three of my novels have been available as old-fashioned paper books for a number of years. You can get... more
        • ThanksLarry, Fri Mar 2 21:11
          Oh good. I'll put an order in next week. That's payday for me. Just picked up the newest Grantville Gazette on the last payday\ along with about 80 dollars of other books. I swear it feels like I'm... more
    • Re: Scott Washburn's books now on Kindle!Barb C, Mon Feb 20 10:52
      That's good to hear. I myself prefer real books but I know that a lot of people want the new way of reading. What I really want to know is, When is the next one coming out.
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