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Barb C
Comments on Rising Thunder
Wed Mar 14, 2012 09:05

In a nutshell: This book is All Talk and No Action.


Almost everyone in the League is stupid or criminally insane.
The SLN is made up of almost all admirals.
Not a single elected official in the league has any interest in real political power.
No one is standing in the wings looking for the chance to overthrow the real power in the league.
Honor is starting to second guess herself. Not a good sign.
Weber has lost interest in this series.

This book is 458 pages of unfulfilled promise. Every time you think that itís leading up to something good, nothing happens. If you like political posturing then this is the book for you.

    • Re: Comments on Rising ThunderScott W, Fri Mar 16 10:52
      Wow, glad I shifted my allegiance to the Vorkosiverse years ago :)
    • Re: Comments on Rising ThunderJonathan, Fri Mar 16 09:59
      "But apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?" ;) Are there any redeeming features in this book? I haven't bought a hardcover novel in the series for years now, but I'd like to think ... more
      • Re: Comments on Rising ThunderBarb C, Tue Mar 20 10:58
        Yes Jonathon, there are a few redeeming things about RT. First of all it isnít rambling and hard to follow like several of the later books. Itís well written but more in the style of Heyer or Austin... more
        • Re: Comments on Rising ThunderScott W, Wed Mar 21 16:28
          Well, it's getting amazingly bad reviews on Amazon. Usually the fan boys turn out in swarms and post 5-star reviews even if they haven't read it yet :) This time there are some 5-stars, but far more... more
          • DOA AOH?Andy, Sat Mar 24 00:41
            I thought the series died at Attack Of Honor.... oh wait, hasn't been published yet LOL... that's when Honor's Honor compels her to liberate every sentient within reach, and with the new negative... more
          • Re: Comments on Rising ThunderJonathan, Fri Mar 23 09:12
            Apparently the limited signed edition contains a better story, as it is scoring higher reviews. :) -Jonathan
            • Pulp SFAndy, Sat Mar 24 20:34
              Just so ;)
              • Ol' SchoolJonathan, Sat Mar 24 21:26
                Funny, I was just thinking tonight of how a writer like Poul Anderson could create an epic adventure summing up the entire collapse of a decadent space empire and the mutiny, revolt and final fate of ... more
            • There is a Class...Andy, Sat Mar 24 00:44
              of writers who have figured out how to use the internet ;) A
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