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Scott W
The Hunger Games
Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:39

Saw this with my daughter on Saturday. Very good! I was seriously impressed. I have not read the books but my daughter has and she says it was a great adaptation. The violence has been very much toned down from the books. Highly recommended.

    • What was good about it?Andy, Tue Mar 27 00:22
      I haven't seen anything in the reviews or blurbs that impresses me yet, but I have a free pass to the movie for this weekend. What impressed you?
      • Re: What was good about it?Scott W, Tue Mar 27 08:25
        What impressed me? Well, aside from the acting, which was very good throughout, I guess it was the realism of the whole thing. It's one of the most realistically depicted post-apocalypse distopias... more
        • That sounds interestingAndy, Fri Mar 30 01:00
          Hmm, realistic appeals to me ;-) Might just have to go see it then. Got a free 100 movie pass as a result of resolving a bunch of networking issues for one of the local theater owners. I don't think... more
        • and FWIWJonathan, Wed Mar 28 12:19
          I have no real opinion yet, although it seems interesting, but Izabella loved the books. :) Oh, and we both thought Jennifer Lawrence was very good in "Winter's Bone" last year, and of course if... more
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