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Redshirts! ...the novel
Fri May 11, 2012 09:50

John Scalzi's really gone and done it now. An entire novel about... a redshirt.

I like Scalzi's stuff as a rule, but it does seem as though SF is now eating its young. Or would that be its elders? Well, something icky, anyway.


    • Weren't his earlier novels about that?Andy, Sat May 12 00:35
      sf f $
      • Re: Weren't his earlier novels about that?Jonathan, Sat May 12 15:49
        I don't think so... "Old man's War" and the two sequels were quite original. This seems like a departure for him. -J
        • well, yesAndy, Sun May 13 10:27
          Red shirts ... :-). And yes OMW was quite original. :-) Reviews on this one are quite positive I'm looking forward to reading it... doesn't come out till next month though...
          • Re: well, yesScott W, Sun May 13 10:41
            Andy, I was laughing out loud at that Bill Mahr/Richard Clarke clip you sent me when Clarke compared the frequently killed Al Quaida #3 men to Star Trek Redshirts :) Scott
            • Posted for everyoneAndy, Sun May 13 16:33
     (from a year or so ago after bin laden was captured - funny as hell) and... more
            • linkieAndy, Sun May 13 16:04
     for those not in the know ;A
            • ClarkeAndy, Sun May 13 16:02
              is amazing :) All the shtuff he's seen and done, and he still has a sense of humor... and he's a major SF fan by all accounts! See, we ARE different lol Have you read his account of the events of... more
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