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Aegys HH Site needs perm home
Fri Jun 29, 2012 00:23

Aegy's old HH site needs a permanent home

If you guys haven't already found one?;article=33007;title=Aegys%27s%20Honor%20Harrington%20Discussion%20Board

I can't keep it up there very much longer.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Domain names are cheap, (US$12-30/yr), does anyone know of someone who could host it more or less permanently? I'd be willing to do the work of relocating it and any other updating we decide on.

I still find it amazing this board is still up. A decade and half roughly, right?

Time flies ;)


    • The Movestruthersc, Mon Jul 2 01:03
      Andy, what's your timeframe?
      • Time and SpaceAndy, Mon Jul 2 10:22
        oh, a month or so. I'm closing all my ISP associated webspace but it's not time critical right now. Spacewise the whole site as it sits uses about 2.5 MB. I'd go find a host for it myself but am... more
    • Re: Aegys HH Site needs perm homeJonathan, Sun Jul 1 21:38
      It's such a blast from the past seeing the site up there. Sneaking off to the chat room on workdays... I'm sure we can figure something out. -J
      • Indeed :-DAndy, Mon Jul 2 10:24
        I'd actually forgotten about it for a couple years... then spent half an evening reading thru it again :-D Something else that would be neat would be an indexed archive of the posts on this board.... more
      • The Movestruthersc, Mon Jul 2 01:05
        And how much space do you need?
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