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Barb C
Shadow of Freedom
Fri Mar 8, 2013 17:38

First of all, IS anybody out there? Ok, if there is the newest HH book is out. I got it yesterday and plan to read it this weekend if things don't get too hectic. Hope that it's better then the last one.

    • Occasionaly lurkingLarry, Sun Jun 2 00:08
      Hello Barb; Well the place isn't quite as bustling as it used to be. Real world events and the pace of new books have slowed down. Incongruously perhaps; I actually sort of like the last two books.... more
      • real worldJonathan, Mon Jun 3 17:10
        Hi Larry! Yes, things are a little slower among the vast, cool intellects around here ;) but the real world is moving along in a peculiar way...... more
    • Still Here!Scott W, Tue Apr 2 20:01
      Hi Barb! I'm still alive (sort of)! Not reading any HH, but still here. How are you? Scott
      • Re: Still Here!Barb C, Fri Apr 5 11:00
        I'm fine I can understand why you gave up on HH. She is not improving with age. The big question is are you still writing? Let me know if you have anything else coming out.
    • Re: Shadow of FreedomBarb C, Sat Mar 16 10:47
      Glad to hear that there are still people checking in once in a while. I think we need to start discussing other books. I miss the banter that we used to get going on this site.
    • I gues no one is out there.Barb C, Sat Mar 16 10:44
      If someone is lurking and interested this book takes place at the same time as the last one but covers what is happening in the Talbott Quadrant. It's all Mike Henke who is more like the old Honor... more
    • I'm still haunting aroundAndy G, Sat Mar 9 02:11
      Thanks to automated email notifications, lol... awful quiet here this last year. I think I may wait a while yet. I just finished Vorpatril's Alliance :-) Most anything else (not Lois) would seem pale ... more
      • Dull villainsJonathan, Sat Apr 6 21:01
        I used to get auto notifications as well, but it's not working... odd. I miss the older, somewhat more interesting bad guys; it's a shame that all the groundwork that went into that Andermani ruler... more
      • Re: I'm still haunting aroundonewhowishes, Sat Mar 9 14:39
        I will read it,also,A story with a havenite crew,from their perspective ,would be nice.
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