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Scott W
Honor? Guilty!
Sun Jun 23, 2013 21:28

Had an odd thought the other day thanks to an e-mail exchange with Jonathan. In "In Enemy Hands" Honor is unjustly condemned to death because of her actions in "On Basilisk Station". The Peeps claimed that their Q-Ship was an innocent merchant ship which Honor illegally destroyed. Oh those rotten Peeps!


Assuming the Deneb Accords are similar to the Geneva Convention when it comes to the regulations covering POWs, then ironically, Honor and all her comrades ARE guilty of murder for killing all their guards and all those other Peeps on their escape back home. And the Peeps could execute them for THAT! Contrary to what movies and novels might lead you to believe, POWs are NOT allowed to kill their guards. Period. Even after they have escaped from their immediate confinement, they still cannot kill their guards (or anyone else). POWs are NOT combatants. And they cannot become combatants again until they have escaped all the way back to friendly territory. Until that time they are treated exactly like civilian prisoners--who very definitely cannot kill their guards with impunity.

This might not seem entirely fair, but we are looking at it from the POWs point of view. Try looking at it from the point of view of the guards :) A prisoner kills a guard and when the other guards show up he just raises his hands and says he was trying to escape. After a few months in the cooler he does it again. See the problem here? :)

So, Honor better not get captured again, or this time the Peeps will hang her--legally!

    • InterestingBarb C, Sun Jun 30 12:30
      I never knew that. I always thought that they were supposed to try to escape, and how easy would it be to get back to their own lines without any fighting at all?
      • Fighting during escapesJonathan, Sat Jul 6 20:30
        Well, the Geneva Convention (which presumably inspired the Deneb Accords ;) states: Article 82: A prisoner of war shall be subject to the laws, regulations and orders in force in the armed forces of... more
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