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Caldron of Ghosts
Sat Apr 5, 2014 19:10

OK I think it's official, it's more fun to follow the subplots now then the main story.
It's nice to see Thandi "The Great Kaja" Palane coming front and center on this one and the return to Mesa.

I hesitate to say to much for fear of spoilers but I do like that it links up with Shadow of Freedom nicely. As it appears, that means the Saganami Island thread, the Torch thread, and the Mainline thread all seem to be synced up. By my reckoning the only thread not brought up to date would be an update on Greyson and how they are recovering from the Mesan strike against their facilities. (Of course the Andermani and Silesia thread lines are also a bit lost in everything as well).
OH and after you've read it I solicit an opinion. Did not the original mission that Victor & Anton set out to accomplish get lost? Remember it was supposed to be intelligence gathering. I think Victor's improvisation's created a massive mission creep.
And who didn't see the Mayan sector/Erewhon developments coming.

Anyway happy reading! I've just finished reading everything in the Safehold series and the 1632 series books as well so now I'm looking for something else to satisfy the bug. Need another 1632 book in the mainline to advance that story. 1637:(something or other) I presume?


    • Re: Caldron of GhostsJonathan, Mon Apr 14 09:07
      Doesn't the term "mission creep" apply to the entire HH canon? ;) These sideline books do seem more interesting than the mainline stuff. I might have to get caught up with those. Larry, did you try... more
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