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A Dream Come True
Sat Aug 6, 2016 12:42

Almost 20 years I wrote a fan fiction story set in David Weber's Honor Harrington universe. It was the first serious bit of fiction I'd ever written. I really enjoyed the process and after writing two entire fan fiction novels set in the Honorverse I struck out writing my own original stories. It took a long time, but I'm finally getting my works published now. But I have never forgotten the debt I owe Mr. Weber for getting me started in the first place.

So today, when I walked into the local Barnes & Noble and saw one of MY books sitting directly beside one of HIS books (both of us being "W"s) it was seriously cool!

    • Where can we find.....onewhowishes, Mon Aug 8 14:24
      ........this fanfiction story?
      • Fan FicScott Washburn, Mon Aug 8 15:58
        Hi there onewhowishes! Your user name is familiar so we may have met in the past. My HH fan fics are on The first is:... more
          • Fan FicsScott Washburn, Tue Aug 9 19:20
            No problem! When I first wrote the things there was nowhere to post them and I wouldn't have dared to, But now it's easy. You should check out my Vorkosiverse stuff, too.
            • Re: Fan FicsAndy, Sat Aug 13 12:56
              I will!!! (yeah I remember those days)
    • My gods, a post on this board!Andy Grosland, Sun Aug 7 11:15
      Hi Scott. That is absolutely awesome! I remember fifteen years ago and more reading a few of your stories Jon passed on to me, I thought they were great. So glad you have finally gotten the... more
      • StoriesScott Washburn, Mon Aug 8 15:53
        Hi Andy! Yes, posting here was a real shot in the dark. I haven't visited here in years and I wasn't sure anyone ever dropped by anymore. But glad to see you! Actually, I have published two novels... more
        • Re: StoriesAndy, Tue Aug 9 00:54
          I never canceled the email updates ;) It was a pleasant surprise to find this in inbox! The new novels look intriguing. I'll see if I can' carve a few slivers off my budget ;) It's good to hear from... more
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