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Graxo-Gorgon the Grrrrrreat!
RP: Graxo's Mother
Tue Feb 17, 2009 05:13 (XFF:

Graxo-Gorgon was feeling very lonely after plotting his diabolical scheme. He had decided that he must shun society in order to truly bear the evil antagonist motif. At first this was easily enough accomplished. He lived on a pharm and had no friends. His mother didn't even come to visit him. Oh yes, I affirm again that his mother NEVER, not one single solitary season, not a particular precious period, not even an isolated individual incident, nor through any other awesomely, authored alliterated allusion did she ever visit him. Not even once. So, it's likely that this maternal omission in his life caused him to behave as he did. For it was not long after that a beautiful princess fell from a watermelon tree into his property. This was, of course, AFTER he had sold his soul to his new infernal ambitions.

When the princess, who was from the land of Periwinkle, turned out to not at ALL be from the land of Periwinkle but in fact from another, much more nefarious land, events unfolded in which Graxo's life was changed, once again, to something unlike it had ever been before. But that's in the future. We don't know how that will turn out yet. What I can tell you is that as Graxo was eyeballing a disgusting glass of freshly squeezed rat blood, he was interupted by loud scream as if a woman had teleported herself 100 yards in the air and fallen. Or in our case, a princess had done the same.

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