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Graxo-Gorgon the Grrrrrreat!
RP: The Princess
Thu Mar 5, 2009 16:07 (XFF:

Graxo lifted his eyes from the glass of rat blood and stood up from the chair in which he had been sitting. He heard the shrill scream of a woman somewhere outside his house. But could he be wrong? Could it possibly be from WITHIN his house? Could a woman be inside his house screaming? Well, to graxo's professionally trained ears (he was a farmer after all, but that's irrelevant) it sounded to him as if the voice of the falling woman was certainly coming from without his domicile.

"Good" said Graxo, "I can't stand the sound of women screaming in my house." So Graxo sat back down to his glass of blood, wondering what the most evil method of ingesting the putrid liquid would be. As he continued his infernal decision making he found it very difficult to concentrate on the nefarious deed at hand because that damned screaming continued from what Graxo had decidedly deduced was from outside of his house. So he slammed his glass down on the table, and cursed when it did not shatter, or break, or even crack. He stood once again, walked towards the small wooden door to his shack, opened it wide, and gazed at a princess falling from a watermelon tree.

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