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Fox (KurtDog)
Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:59

I never used ICQ, but I remember the good old days when a lot of those usernames posted on this very message board. I often wonder what they are doing now. I have fallen behind in reading Terry Brooks related books/series. I wonder if they have read them all. Perhaps I should be devious and start searching those usernames with Google.

  • Re: ICQMenion, Mon Aug 17 19:11
    Came across a piece of paper I had with all the old ICQ #s. Probably shouldn't be posting it in public like this, but fark it. I don't even remember half of these peeps. I haven't used ICQ in about 7 ... more
    • Re: ICQ — Fox (KurtDog), Fri Apr 16 12:59
    • !!!!Amby, Wed Dec 9 08:48
      OMG!!!!!! THAT'S MY ICQ NUMBER!!!!! I didn't even know it anymore!! Thank you =)
      • awwAmby, Wed Dec 9 08:53
        I don't remember the password tho... or the email address I used to set it up... LAME
        • !!Amby, Wed Dec 9 08:54
          Oh oh oh I figured it out!!! now I can... not... use... it... YAY!
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