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Mon Jul 25, 2016 19:05

I thought the show turned out pretty good; however, they really did deviate on a lot of things. I'm still interested in a season two though and am gladly buying it on DVD, if only for collecting purposes. I even managed to order a DVD copy signed by Terry Brooks from Shawn Speakman's The Signed Page website. :)

  • Shannara ChroniclesKurtD0g, Tue Jul 21 03:13
    Just recently watched the preview trailer for the Shannara Chronicles tv series and man does it look awesome! For some reason afterwards, I felt the need to see if this message board was still here.... more
    • post review — KurtD0g, Mon Jul 25 19:05
      • Glad you liked itMenion, Tue Jul 26 18:48
        I need to watch it one day. I just find my fascination with Shannara waning - carried by nostalgia alone by now. From what I've read, The Shannara Chronicles is trying to appeal to the teen crowd, so ... more
    • :/Menion, Wed Mar 23 17:22
      I haven't been able to watch the show since we cut cable a couple years ago, but, based on the reviews I've read, it's probably best I never watch.... Anybody want else watch?
    • ReplyMe, Wed Jul 29 17:04
      I just read up on this and watched the trailer and I think we are all in for a huge dissapointment. The interviews With Brooks seem to make a point that this is an adaptation. One of the great things ... more
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